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I am a 29 year old teacher of fourth grade. My husband and I began TTC in March of 2008. We conceived our first month, but unfortunately it only ended in an early miscarriage. 8 months later we finally conceived again, and she was our take-home baby! Norah Jane was born on July 16, 2009. 7lbs 0oz 19" long and amazing. We recently had our sweet baby boy, Miles! He was born on June 12, 2013 at 3:37pm, weighing in at 8lbs 4oz, 20 inches long, and PERFECT! We are loving every minute of parenthood (even the frustrating minutes!). This blog is an attempt to chronicle the baby steps, foot steps, leaps, bounds, and milestones of this journey.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

36 Week Appointment

Today was my 36 week appointment. It was fairly uneventful, but I am getting closer, and that became apparent today. First off, I tested Group B Strep +, which sucks, but it is not a big deal at all. My doc said that 40% of women test positive for it, and of those 40%, if there wasn't any antibiotics administered, less than 1% of those babies would contract anything bad during labor. She said that they'll give me a bag of antibiotic in my IV at the hospital, and everything will be fine. I asked her how I contracted it and she told me that it isn't something that you contract... it is something that is already there really. She said that it is part of my "vaginal cultures." Gross terminology. So, nothing to worry about.

She did the doppler. Norah's HR was in the 150s, which is always nice. My fundal height is 36, which is actually bigger than it is supposed to be by a few days, so that's great. I'm honestly not sure how I am going to get any bigger. My uterus is literally up to my ribcage. I told her that I had had 7-8 contractions yesterday. She just wants me to watch them and make sure they don't become a pattern, but they would still not stop labor at this point. She gave me a copy of my records and told me to make sure I bring them to the hospital and give them to my labor nurse... got to remember to put that in the hospital bag! My blood pressure was "perfect" as the nurse said, and I gained a whopping 1/2 lb! I am up a total of 10 1/2 lbs. The nurse, my doctor, and the nurse practioner commented on how amazing my weight gain has been. I sheepishly said thank you, because really, what have I done to make sure I didn't gain too much? Nothing! I have eaten what I wanted, whenever I wanted sooo.... not too difficult really. :) In fact, I'm totally about to go get a bowl of ice cream in a moment.

And now my appointments are every week... every Tuesday until I deliver. Crazy. Once you get to those weekly appointments, that means you are getting close! I should have no more than 4 appointments before she is here. I can't wait!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Starting to get uncomfortable.

Well, I'm at that point where I am starting to get really uncomfortable. Norah is CONSTANTLY up in my rib cage, and it hurts...badly. Last night she was up so high in my ribs and I had really bad heartburn and indigestion, so I cried. H made me feel better and did what he could, but I am getting to the point where I'd like to be done with pregnancy. I hope she comes earlier than my due date, but def after 37 weeks... I really want her to be full term and healthy.

Something that has made me more comfortable though is the amazing chair and a half and ottoman set that H said I could buy! I say said that I could buy because we make joint decisions on things that cost a lot of money. He was totally up for it, and I even found him sitting in it this evening. :) I got it off of craigslist. I had been looking for one for weeks. Finally I found one that I loved, contacted the lady, and she told me I could buy it... a day later she sold it. :( So I kept looking and looking, and found another one. It was awesome. I contacted the lady and bought it yesterday! What's crazy is that she said she had over 40 emails about it and that some people were even offering her $50 more for the set. She, thankfully, said no that she wasn't that type of person. How happy I was to hear that. Now, I am sitting in my amazing chair, loving every minute of it. It is awesome, and it is going to be wonderful for breastfeeding and just laying with the baby. Here's the wonder-chair!

I secured our pediatrician today! Her name is Dr. Ragsdale, and she came HIGHLY recommended. I'm excited because not only is she apparently amazing, but she also is only about 5 miles from our house. H is going to take her to the doctor most of the time since I will be at school, and it is only about 3 miles from where he works. I am so excited he has such a flexible schedule! Such a blessing!

So, as for things left on my to do list, I need to go to the daycare and finalize all of that, I need to finalize all of the maternity leave stuff (which I'm doing tomorrow), and I have a few more things that I need to buy... unfortunately our last shower isn't for another two weeks, so I don't know what else we are going to need until then. We'll see. I have my 36 week appt tomorrow, so I'll update after that.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


For those of you bloggers who don't know what 35/35 means, it means that I am 35 weeks today, and I have 35 days to go until my due date. I'm so excited! I can't believe I have so little time left, but really, it seems like a ton of time too. I can't wait to meet this girl. I'll update more later, but here's my 35 week belly shot. Not sure if I'm getting any bigger right now.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wake UP!!

I got a nice little wake up call today. A wake up call that said, "You are actually having a baby in the very near future!" So, I've had three spotting incidents over the last week, and one incident with a slight leakage of fluid, so this morning, after the third spotting incident, I decided to call the doc. She told me to come in and get checked, so I did.

After a very uncomfortable examination, she let me know that the leakage incident was part of my mucus plug (no matter how many times I hear those words it still sounds so gross), and the spotting was due to the fact that I was 1cm dilated. Wow. I AM going to have a baby. She also told me that my cervix was softening, which is apparently something that happens in preparation for birth.

So, this all came as quite a shock to me. I mean, I know that I could walk around for 4 weeks being 1cm dilated, and nothing happening, but yesterday I was sitting there thinking, "How does your body just know to go into labor? What if my body doesn't realize it and misses the whole idea of getting the baby out of me?" So to know that my body is actually doing what it is supposed to do was comforting and shocking at the same time. Another thing that was quite shocking was when she said, "Well, if you went into labor at this point, we would not try to stop it." Holy crap, I'm going to have a baby.

So, this week is going to include a whole lot of prep stuff. I am determined to get the daycare stuff finalized, get the pediatrician finalized, and get all of my maternity leave stuff finalized. I should also pack my hospital bag this week. I really hope I make it to my last baby shower. I'll be 37w 1d, and I need to know what I still need to buy. I am going to make H go shopping with me that night after the shower to make sure we get everything we still need. It's going to be a crazy week.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Stroller and Carseat are here!

We got our Travel System in the mail today and I am in love with it! We "test drove" it in Target, and I loved how smooth it turned and moved, plus I liked the design, and it got the third highest safety rating on Consumer Reports, not to mention 55 4 1/2 star or better ratings on Target.com. So, we picked out this one! It is the Graco Snugride Passage Travel System in Melbourne. My parents bought it for us as a gift. So great!

H put it together as soon as he got home. It was actually a breeze to put together, and the one we got is just as smooth as the one that was in the store. Here it is: (excuse the papers on the ground).

Taking it out of the box. That was the hardest part actually.

Proud H after he put it together! So I can't say that it is fantastic or anything since I haven't actually had to use it, but from the structure and mobility, I can say it rocks!

Monday, June 22, 2009

34 Weeks

Now I am 34 weeks, and I am getting antsy. I feel like time is crawling by. It would go faster if I was working right now, but because school is out, I'm not teaching of course. It is nice to be able to prepare and stay off of my feet all day, but seriously, I feel like I am twiddling my thumbs until she gets here.

So, six weeks left until my little one is here... 7 at the most. I was happy to find out that my doctor schedules inductions after 1 week overdue. I am not above an induction. If I go to August, I will be hot, miserable, and ready, so there's no need to delay if she is healthy. Honestly, I would love it if I went into labor at 37 or 38 weeks. She'd be full term, and as long as she was doing well, I'd be happy.

I'm not sure if I put a 34 week appt update. Here it is:
Blood pressure-good
FHR- 150s-- good!
Fundal Height- 33, which is normal since I was 33weeks and 3 days
Weight gain- +2lbs, which puts me at +9 for the whole pregnancy so far.

Well, that seems to be it for now. Here's my 34 week belly pic. H finished building the closet shelves in Norah's room, so I am going to go organize like crazy today. I really need to get some baby-safe laundry detergent so I can wash her onesies, clothes, sheets, etc.

The belly doesn't really look bigger than 33 weeks, but it certainly feels bigger. It is getting really uncomfortable to sit for a while, sleep, stand, etc. H commented last night that I had grown two inches just in one day... thanks, really! :) He means well.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Overdue Update

Wow. I am the worst updater ever lately! Last weekend we went to my parent's house in S.C., and this weekend they came up here to T.N., along with my sister from Michigan, so we were super busy... in a good way.

Let's start with my VERY LATE belly shot. I don't know what to call this one. I missed the 32 week one because I was out of town, and my 33 week should have been done on Saturday, but I was busy then too. So this was taken today... 33 weeks 3 days. I am getting a LOT bigger! Check out the comparison photos on the side bar. Wow!

Lots of exciting stuff going on! I had my family/friends shower this past weekend, and it was just incredible. My SILs threw it for me, and I was just blown away. I have never in my life seen so much creativity, and there were so many presents too! We got a lot from our registry, and I've determined (after looking through several pregnancy books), that we only need 4 more items before she comes... everything else we could buy later.
We still need:
Our Stroller/travel system (which my parents are getting us very soon)
Diaper Genie
Baby Monitors
*Crap* I forgot the last one! I have to go back and look again.

Anyway, the baby shower was so much fun. It wasn't awkward like many showers are. We had a ton of fun and the food and decorations were just incredible. The cake was the best cake I've ever had in my life. It looked and tasted better than my wedding cake! I was so blown away by the generosity of my SILs! Here's some pics:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nursery is Finished!!!

The nursery is finished, except for a few minor touches, and I am in love with it! It turned out so well. I WISH the pictures did it justice, but they don't. I used decals from lewasdesigns.com, and they were awesome, although a little difficult at first since it was such a detailed decal. I love it though, it looks great I think!

Here's the room from the door. The main thing I have left to do is put something over the crib. I just haven't found what I want up there yet. I was thinking a monogram wall decal, but I'm not sure.

This is the left side wall and front wall. I love my changing table and glider. They are really big too, they just don't look it in the photos. There is a dandelion wall decal over the changing table.

This is a close up of the dandelion over the changing table. Love it! The stuffed animals aren't staying there.
I love how the birds turned out. I bought a set of 4 and just cut them apart. Such a strange shaped window, which is why I am not sure what window treatment to do.

I should have taken the picture without the light on. This is a really cute area. I still need to stain the birdhouse and put the ultrasound pic in the frame. The frame says, "A miracle waiting to be seen." I know you can't see it, but beside the stuffed bird is a bird nest with two feather chicks in it. There's a 3rd feather chick on the opposite side of the frame. Everything in the room, furniture included cost less than $500 total. We had nothing to start with, but thanks to some AWESOME sales on things, and deals on the glider and changing table from craigslist, and the dresser from Salvation Army (I repainted it and changed the hardware),
we did this so inexpensively!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

32 Weeks

Well, I've made it to 32 weeks, but no picture this week. I'm in South Carolina visiting my family, and I forgot my camera. Oh well. I'll just look that much bigger next Saturday.

So pregnancy has hit hard this week. I am getting uncomfortable. I feel really big, although I'm not really big yet, I am having a hard time getting up from certain positions, and getting in and out of the car. Worst though, is the terrible indigestion that I've had for the past two days. It has been really painful. At night it is the worst... I have gotten no sleep for the past two days, and I am so ready for a long, restful nap. I cannot begin to understand why I thought it was a good idea to make an 8 hour road trip from TN to SC while 32 weeks pregnant...it was totally uncomfortable, and at one point I actually thought I was having contractions because I was in so much pain.

BUT having said all of that, I am so thankful for this pregnancy and for Norah. I can't wait to meet this girl and hold her. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Doc appointment update

I had my 32 week appt today, and things are right on track.

Measuring 31 weeks (makes sense since I'm only 31w 3d)

Her HR was 163, which seemed high to me, but doc wasn't concerned

No protein or sugar in urine

She is head-down

And my weight? Ready for this? ONE freaking pound. That puts me at 7lb overall weight-gain.
I asked her if that was ok, and she said, "Oh yeah, I wish more people were like you."

So, everything is good right now. I've got another appt in 2 weeks, then I think I start getting internals at my 36 week appt, which is 4 weeks from today. Craziness.

Time to go decorate the bedroom now!