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I am a 29 year old teacher of fourth grade. My husband and I began TTC in March of 2008. We conceived our first month, but unfortunately it only ended in an early miscarriage. 8 months later we finally conceived again, and she was our take-home baby! Norah Jane was born on July 16, 2009. 7lbs 0oz 19" long and amazing. We recently had our sweet baby boy, Miles! He was born on June 12, 2013 at 3:37pm, weighing in at 8lbs 4oz, 20 inches long, and PERFECT! We are loving every minute of parenthood (even the frustrating minutes!). This blog is an attempt to chronicle the baby steps, foot steps, leaps, bounds, and milestones of this journey.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baby Shower #3, Done!

My church threw me a shower today, and being that my H is the youth minister, I think they went crazy! Holy cow, I have never seen so many gifts in my life! It seemed like they never stopped coming, it was amazing! We got so much of everything, especially clothes! What is funny is that I looked like I was having twins when we were all finished. There were two of so many things, two of the same high chair, two of the same bouncer, two monitor sets, all kinds of stuff. Kind of funny. :) We got so much though. We even got the crazy expensive car seat that she'll use after she outgrows the infant one. I never thought anyone would buy it, but they did!

After the shower H and I went to Target and bought everything else we needed for her arrival. We didn't pay a penny. We had $280 in gift cards, $72 of which we haven't spent yet. I still have to take back one of the high chairs, so we've got at least $175 in Target cards left. Wow. We are so so thankful for this church family. The stuff we got at Target after the shower was really random. They were things that were little, but they added up. We got an extra sheet for the crib (now we have 4), rectal thermometer and covers, a diaper genie II elite and refills (worth the extra $15 for the elite version in my opinion), LOTS of batteries (we must have spent $30 just in batteries!), a few hooded towels, some plain jane onesies that we didn't get, burp cloths (gerber cloth diapers), pacifier clips, and a few other things I can't remember. Not bad if you ask me. The only things I have left to buy are some sort of moby wrap type thing and a Piddle Pad for the carseat...neither of which Target sells. I'll go to BRU for them.

H put together the bouncer and diaper genie tonight... he's so handy. :) I finally got her room back to its organized self. We are totally ready for her when she's ready to be here. Now, she has two choices: She can either come Tuesday or she has to wait until the 25th. H has church camp from the 20-24th, and being the youth minister, he's running it. Oh let's hope I don't go into labor during that time. He'll only be 1 1/2 hours away, but I'd still like it to be overwith before she comes so he doesn't have the extra stress.

I still haven't taken my 37 week belly shot. I am one day late on that now, but I'll have to take it tomorrow. For now, here are some baby shower photos. It was awesome!

This is a picture of the aftermath-- all of the gifts had been opened, but you can't even see them all. It was nuts!

This is me opening one of the gifts-- bassinet and crib sheets! Woot!

They wanted a shot of me from the side. I'm not going to use this as my belly shot because I've got a pretty weird face going on here! Belly is still pretty darn big though!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

37 Week Appt

I had my 37 week appt today, and I got to meet the last doc in the practice. So far my hopes are this: My doc preferrably, then the one I met today, then either of the other two. I wasn't impressed with the other two. The one from today delivered my niece and two nephews, and she's super nice. I just feel more comfortable with my doc. She said she delivers 85% of her patients, so hopefully I'll be in that percentage.

Norah is doing really well. It took the doc a long while to find her heartbeat, which worried me like crazy, but she found it and everything was good with that. She is head down, which is awesome! I am trying to avoid a c-section, so hearing that she wasn't breech was awesome. I am measuring completely on time, and internals will start next week. I stepped on the scale and didn't gain a single pound. That still keeps me at 11lb gain overall... not bad, but seriously, I didn't do a thing to help that. I ate anything and everything I wanted, pretty much whenever I wanted. I've got to remember not to do that once I'm not pregnant. :)

Speaking of not pregnant, I can't wait for her to be here. I hope these last three and a half weeks fly by. I am so anxious to meet her. Nursery is done, everything is washed, bags are packed...we're essentially ready. We have another baby shower on Sunday, which should be rather large actually since it is being thrown by the church and my H is the youth minister there. I'm looking forward to it, but also wondering how I'm going to go through everything!

I'm still thinking that August 3rd is the day. I have had that feeling for quite a while now. We'll see. That'll put me 2 days overdue. Secretly I'm hoping to go at 38 weeks... if she's all good and ready. :)

36w 3d

Monday, July 6, 2009

36 Weeks

Well, I was 36 weeks on Saturday, and I took a picture, but my house has been without internet, so I haven't been able to post the picture. So here it is:

Woah... big belly girl, coming through!

So last night I packed the hospital bag. I totally thought I'd pack a lot more, but I didn't, and I got everything on the list in the bag. Norah's bag is packed too. I just put hers in her diaper bag. I also made a list of things for H to grab as soon as I go into labor and put it on the fridge. I told him to make sure he grabbed everything on the list. I really hope he doesn't forget something seriously important...like the camera.

It is mildly surreal that the hospital bag is packed and we are ready to go. H put her closet doors back up last night, and I have washed all of her clothes/blankets/etc. Aside from a bit of tidying up, we're ready. I also made a list of stuff we still need to buy...actually two lists: one for "Jiff went into labor before the last baby shower, so go out and get this BEFORE we bring Norah home" and one that we could wait a few days to get. Those are on the fridge too.

Speaking of shower, my last baby shower is on Sunday, and I am excited about it. I do wish it wasn't so late in my pregnancy, but everything should be alright. I am convinced she won't be here until August 3rd, so I've still got time. Nevertheless, H and I are going shopping immediately following the shower to buy everything we still need.

Well, that's it for now. She can seriously come out any time after Saturday (full term baby day!). Can't wait to meet you, Norah!

36w 2d

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pack N Play!

H and I decided to go ahead and buy Norah's PNP a week and a half before our last shower. We did this because honestly, who is going to spend $160 on one for us, and mostly because we had a 15% off coupon that expired today and a $100 gift card to Babies R Us. So we went to breakfast, then went to BRU, and found one we loved. I asked the nest moms, and they said that one with a Newborn Napper on it was awesome, so that's what I told H to look for.

Well, when we got there, I was very disappointed to see that they didn't have one with a Napper on it. So I kept looking at all of the other ones thinking, "yeah, I like this music player on the side, yes, I want one that holds diapers and wipes...we def need one that has a strong changing table... hopefully we'll find a cute one..." Well, none of the ones on display had all of the things I was wanting. UNTIL... I looked down on the end, and there was a model that didn't have a display set up. I read the box and it had EVERYTHING I wanted, including the Newborn Napper! Woot! Then I realized that it didn't have a display because it was moved to the main display area in the front of the store since they were promoing that model.

I can't wait to put her in it! We are going to keep it in the living room for a while, and H will take it with him when he has to pick her up from daycare if she's sick or something. So, here it is. The Graco PNP something or other. (Picture is blurry since it is a camera phone pic).