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I am a 29 year old teacher of fourth grade. My husband and I began TTC in March of 2008. We conceived our first month, but unfortunately it only ended in an early miscarriage. 8 months later we finally conceived again, and she was our take-home baby! Norah Jane was born on July 16, 2009. 7lbs 0oz 19" long and amazing. We recently had our sweet baby boy, Miles! He was born on June 12, 2013 at 3:37pm, weighing in at 8lbs 4oz, 20 inches long, and PERFECT! We are loving every minute of parenthood (even the frustrating minutes!). This blog is an attempt to chronicle the baby steps, foot steps, leaps, bounds, and milestones of this journey.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Telling the husband. :)

A poster on a website that I frequent said to have my DD make a card and me sign it, "Mommy, DD, and little peanut." Well, I didn't have time to make the card, so we stopped at the store on the way to the airport and grabbed a kid-type card that said, "It is impossible to tell you how much I love you, but if I had to I'd tell you with a million hugs!" I had DD draw a picture of our family on it, then draw an extra baby. Then my DD signed it, and I wrote from "Wife, DD, and Baby #2."

So we got to the airport and as I knew would happen, H wanted to give DD the present he got her while away. She loved it (Hello Kitty pillow toy), and I thought that since we were giving presents, it would be the perfect time to give him the card. So I told DD to say, "We have a present for you too, Daddy!" Then she gave him the card. 

He opened it, read what DD did and said, "Awe! Thanks baby!" Then he read the signature that I wrote. The looks: First confusion, then shock, then pure, pure joy and happiness! He said, "Wha-- really?? Are you pregnant? Really?! Oh my goodness, that's incredible!!" 
Of course I was crying when he looked up at me. Lots and lots of hugs and kisses followed. It was fantastic. :) 
 Sigh... it couldn't have gone better. I am so in love with my husband right now. :)

It wasn't a dream. :)

I was so afraid that I would take a FRER this morning and it would turn up negative, or lighter than yesterday, and that all of this would just be some sort of dream. I took the FRER this morning, and while it wasn't crazy dark yet, it was a shade darker than yesterday, and even the Wanfu decided to finally show up for the party.

So here's my predicament. Daniel comes home from Minnesota today, and I obviously am dying to tell him that I'm pregnant. Well, my parents are in town too, so I don't exactly know how to tell Daniel in a special way. I was going to show up at the airport with a shirt on Norah that said, "I'm going to be a big sister," but Daniel told me last night that another guy is picking him up at the airport. I really don't know what to do.

I also haven't figured out yet if I am going to tell the parents while they are here. I will ask Daniel what he thinks, but I honestly don't think that I can keep this a secret for very long. I can't wait to tell everyone!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Testing... 1, 2, 3...

Let me start off by saying, we all knew I wasn't going to wait until October 13th to test. :) That would have made me over two weeks late. Nice thought, but no. So I tested yesterday morning and it was as negative as negative could be. I tested last night and got an evaporation line. I don't know what DPO I am exactly, so I wasn't sure whether to count myself out or not. 

I tested this morning with one of my internet cheapies again (that's what I've been using every time I test), and I got another evaporation line. I thought it was strange though to get an evap line within the time limit. The evap line is so light, that you can't even see it in this picture: 

So, because I thought it was strange to have an evap line so soon within the time limit, I decided to take Norah to Target to pick up some First Response tests. I found the box in the back that had an extra test in it (Woot!), and I even remembered my $2 off coupon. So I got 3 tests for $6.99. Not bad for FRER! I also picked up a 2 pack of digitals just in case.

So we went home, and because I am a crazy TTCer (Trying to Conceive-er) I saved my first morning urine from when I tested this morning. I dipped the FRER in the same stuff that I used for the cheapie test. Well, as it was working, I looked up pictures on google of "Postive Wanfu (the cheapie brand) tests." I really couldn't find much, so I put my phone down. Then I picked up the FRER with the intention of squinting and turning it to try and see a line like I just knew I was going to have to. As soon as I picked it up, I said, "Oh my goodness! I'm pregnant!" The line was pretty stinking obvious!

Because the line was so clear, I busted out the digital. I couldn't stop smiling and saying outloud..."I'm pregnant, oh my goodness, I'm pregnant. Thank you God, I am pregnant." :)

The digital took FOREVER to work-- like a solid three minutes, but it popped up with the most beautiful word I've ever seen:

I am so, so happy! I cannot believe we got pregnant on our second cycle trying! It took us 9 months to conceive Norah. Thrilled isn't even a big enough word for how I am feeling. I haven't even had time to figure out my due date. I did take an OPK on my birthday (September 19th), and it was positive, so who knows, maybe I got pregnant on my birthday. :) 

I now know that I'm NEVER going to buy the Wandfu brand of pregnancy tests again. They are so cheap on ebay-- I think I paid $4.50 for 25 of them. I used the same urine for all three tests, and the Wanfu didn't detect pregnancy at all. If a digital can pick it up, then anything should be able to. Digitals are way less sensitive. 

Oh, I haven't told Daniel yet. :) I don't know how to yet. He is in Minnesota at a conference right now, and he will be back tomorrow morning. My parents are flying into town today, so I don't know if we will tell them this time, or have a little secret and wait until the next time we see them. I can't wait to tell Daniel. :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Something is missing...

I've been thinking a lot about our second child lately. We, obviously, do not have this child yet, and I am not even pregnant yet (possibly, but I don't know), but regardless, he/she has been on my mind.

Norah is so wonderful-- I love her more than I could possibly put into words. I am "satisfied" with her, but there always seems like there's someone missing. When Norah, Daniel, and I are all together and hanging out, I always feel like there's someone else who is supposed to be there. I hope we meet him/her soon.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I have no idea what dpo I am, but i am Crampy. I know it is too early for pms cramps, so in hoping it is implantation cramps. Who knows? Waiting is so long, but I feel SO much more sane this cycle than last cycle.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Take that, idiot burglars!

If it weren't for the $1,000 hit that our savings account took and the total fear and anxiety that I still feel when I walk through the door by myself (in fear that I will see and feel what I did when the break-in happened), then I would almost thank the burglars who took our stuff... almost.

What makes me so giggly about their loot from us is this: we are simple, cheap people. We don't replace something, especially electronic, unless it is broken. So we had very outdated stuff. Here's a list of the big items we had taken and what we replaced them with:

  • 4 year old HP laptop-- it was nice, but the battery was shot, and the "new" one we got for it was the size of a brick and fell out all.the.time. Very frustrating. We replaced it with a brand new, 6GB RAM, 750GB storage, i5-3 processor Sony Vaio. SO much nicer than our old computer. In fact, I finally just finished setting it up, and I am typing from it right now. I think I really like it!
  • iPad 1st Generation-- I was so happy to buy an iPad for Daniel last Christmas. He really wanted one, but I really don't think that he expected to get one. I ended up buying one for him from my dad who wanted to upgrade his. So he got the iPad 1st generation. Keep in mind that this was before the iPad 3 was even in existence, so the iPad 1 wasn't the worst thing ever. We couldn't replace it with another iPad 1 (the insurance company told us that) because they don't sell them anymore, so we ended up replacing it with an iPad 2. We got a refurbished one from apple.com, but it looks incredible and has a one year warranty and everything. Pretty sweet.
  • PlayStation 3-- We bought it third-hand. My dad purchased it from a pawn shop, and we purchased it from my dad. It had a broken HDMI port because of some lightning thing, but otherwise it worked. This was a little difficult to replace because we couldn't decide whether or not to take advantage of the deal that Daniel found on Craigslist or not. He ended up doing it, and I think we got a great deal. He got an Xbox 360 (160GB, I think), 14 games, 2 controllers, wireless adapter, etc. for $250. Pretty sweet deal seeing as though the Xbox by itself is $299 in stores.
We are replacing some of the little stuff too: HDMI cables, iPad case, speakers, etc. But some of the stuff we may just keep the cash value on (like some of the PlayStation games). So we are getting there. The thing about it all is that they got NOTHING from us. I mean, they did get things, but nothing that it worth selling. I am guaranteeing that they had a hard time getting rid of that stuff. They looked everywhere for jewelry, too. I don't wear jewelry, so I didn't have any. :) The only nice jewelry I have is around my ring finger on my left hand, and I don't ever take it off. :) We didn't have any cash laying around (except for about $80 in ones and coins in Norah's jar, but they ended up having to leave it in the garage), we didn't have any high-end furnishings, and the TVs are mounted to the wall!.. they got very little from us, and that makes me happy. :)

So take that, burglars! Just because we have a nice house doesn't mean that we have brand new things! Oh, and just TRY and get through our new $855 garage door that is 2 inches thick, rolls on two tracks, seals all the way around, and is reinforced everywhere... then try to get through our alarm system that is on every door and has a motion detector!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Not doing anything.

I got so unbelievably stressed and hopeful last cycle that I decided that this cycle I would do nothing. I am not doing OPKs, I'm not having a set schedule to try to get knocked up, I'm not temping, I'm not doing anything. I was so frustrated by analyzing everything last cycle-- it was exhausting!

I don't even know what CD I am on right now. If I had to make a guess, I'd say 13 or 14, but I really don't know, and that makes me happy. What I would really like to do is test on our 5 year anniversary, which is October 13th. If I don't get AF by then, then it would be very likely that I am pregnant. Just by guessing, that would put me at about 21-23dpo, lol.

So that's it for TTC right now. I am still really excited and anxious to have another itty bitty, especially after my new nephew was just born a few days ago, but I am not anxious to go through the crazies like I did last cycle. It's only cycle #2... I don't need to stress yet.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Insurance frustrations

I am so frustrated. This break-in clean up is STILL going on. It happened on August 8th... that's over a month ago!
Here's what happened:
August 8th- Break-in happened, lots of stuff stolen, we filed the police report.
August 9th- I file the claim with the insurance company.
August 11th- We amended the police report to include our video camera.
August 14th- I was finally given all of the documents to fill out.
August 14th-29th- Got together the copies of receipts, serial numbers, prices, locations, pictures, etc.
August 30th- Got the updated police report, then filed all of the paperwork and sent over the pictures via email. **Was told it would take 5 business days to receive payment.**
August 31st-September 5th Twiddled thumbs.
September 6th- Emailed claims adjuster asking for an update. No response.
September 9th- Emailed claims adjuster again, asking for an update. No response.
September 11th- Called Claims adjuster and left a voicemail. No response. Then called a manager and he said that she would call me.

She called me around 5pm on September 11th. She says, "You never filed the paperwork." I said, "OH YES I DID." I told her that while I was on the phone with her manager, I double checked to make sure that I didn't forget to send it, or that it didn't go through or something.

She says, "Let me check to see if I accidentally deleted it..... oh, there it is. I located it."
::me fuming::
I say, "First, why did you delete it? Second, if you didn't hear a response from me for a month since the incident, why didn't you follow up? Third, the picture email that you said you got was titled 'Additional photos for the paperwork.' Additional means that they were extra, on top of the 19 pages that I sent you already. Fourth, Why didn't you respond to my emails or phone calls?!!"

She says... wait for it.

She says, "What do you want me to say? I'm sorry."


I say, "I'm not trying to get angry here, but I feel like I am SO LOW on your priority list right now. We have had a horrible accident happen in our family, and we just want it to be done."

She reponds with, "Well, I'm sorry. I'll have it rushed, and maybe we can get it by Thursday."

It's Thursday, and thankfully I had the outside company dude who values the items call me and I got to talk to him. I just emailed our claims adjuster for an update since the other guy said he would have something to her within an hour. No response yet, but it's only been 30 minutes.

I hope this is over soon, and I really hope they pay us out for everything we lost minus our deductible. Sigh...

Monday, September 10, 2012

First Sleepover at Our House

Amanda, my sister-in-law, is 3 days overdue with her second baby right now. She is miserable, and even more miserable because her doctor said that she could be induced on her due date, and then retracted that and said that she had to wait. Now, I am all for a baby cooking as long as he/she needs to, but I understand her frustration since she had been counting down to the day, only to have it revoked. She is scheduled to be induced tomorrow, so we'll see.

Anyway, because of all of this, I asked her if she wanted me to keep Kinley, my four year old niece, overnight on Friday so that she could have some alone time. She very gratefully accepted, and thus our 1st sleepover at our house was planned!

Norah was SO excited-- she asked every day leading up to the day, "How many more days until Kinley comes over?"

Kinley came over and they loved each other-- for about 10 minutes. lol... Actually, they really did have a whole lot of fun. I let them swim in the hot tub (without the heat on), they played outside a bit, they ate chicken nuggets, tater tots, and grapes (Norah ate the grapes and chicken, Kinley ate the tots...lol). Later, once it got dark, they played with the glowsticks I got them. They are really glow braclets. They are $1 for 15 at Target, so I got 4 packs= 60 glow braclets. They loved them. They put them in between the bricks in our sunroom, which looked really cool! They built things out of the sticks for about an hour. It was awesome.

Norah kept asking if it was time to go to bed yet, so after bath I let them get in bed. HA! Norah only wanted to have the "sleep" part of the sleepover. She wanted to lay down with Kinley and giggle all night. I had to go in a total of about 6 times. Kinley kept saying, "Hey, guess what? Norah won't let me sleep." Hilarious.

All in all they had a great time together. I just love them.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

CD 1

Today is cycle day 1. Moving onto cycle #2. I want SO badly to not obsess over TTC for this next cycle like I did for the 1st one. I spent way too much money on pregnancy tests, and I spent way too much time analyzing sticks. I was going to get a BBT for this next cycle to start charting, but then, won't that just be another thing for me to obsess over? I don't even want to use opks this cycle. I think I've got a good idea. If I haven't gotten my next period by our 5 year wedding anniversary (October 13th), then I'll test on that day.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

10 dpo

Started spotting today. I usually start spotting around this time every cycle, so I'm thinking that I'm out. Not sure what the sore boobs, and cramping and pulling were about, but it's enough that I won't ever look at them as a sign anymore.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I tested with fmu and got a nearly solid positive on my opk. I tested when I for home from work and I got a solid positive opk on both Wondfo and FRER.

I'm super excited because that means we're moving forward with this first cycle. If I don't get Pregnant this cycle, I am going to have to figure out how to not think about it 24/7.


I am in SC now-- we drove through the night and arrived here around 3am. I got quite a bit of sleep on the way, which was nice. Norah did well on the drive, too. She slept from about 9pm onto 3 when we got here, then fell asleep with her Papa until 8am EST.

I was so excited to test when I woke up this morning. I actually PIAC so as not to have a repeat of yesterday. Nothing. Not even a hint of a line. So I guess that that "line" I saw two days ago was an evap line. I was quite disappointed. I know that I'm only 9dpo, and that I am technically not out yet, but I really thought I saw something the other day, so if I had seen something, then two days later there would definitely be something there. Not so much. :(

I'm not writing off this cycle yet, but I'm not hopeful at all. I think I am going to wait several days to test again so I don't have to go through all of this again. Plus, I'm in SC now and I've only got one test left.