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I am a 29 year old teacher of fourth grade. My husband and I began TTC in March of 2008. We conceived our first month, but unfortunately it only ended in an early miscarriage. 8 months later we finally conceived again, and she was our take-home baby! Norah Jane was born on July 16, 2009. 7lbs 0oz 19" long and amazing. We recently had our sweet baby boy, Miles! He was born on June 12, 2013 at 3:37pm, weighing in at 8lbs 4oz, 20 inches long, and PERFECT! We are loving every minute of parenthood (even the frustrating minutes!). This blog is an attempt to chronicle the baby steps, foot steps, leaps, bounds, and milestones of this journey.

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Surprise Ultrasound!

Yesterday I had my first OB appointment of this pregnancy. I was excited to go, mostly because going to OB appointments means that all of this is "real" and that I didn't dream it up. :) I was also a little apprehesive about going. My last pregnancy, I didn't even have my first appointment with the midwife until I was 7w 4d along, then I came back 4 weeks later for my first OB appointment. This time, since I already had a midwife appointment a few days after I found out, they went ahead and scheduled me for 7w 3d as my appointment.

When my doctor came in, she looked very surprised to see me so early. I told her that I thought it was early, and she said, "Well, I guess that's because you found out so early this time." Oh well. The appointment was pretty uneventful. I got weighed (I'm down 2 pounds), I got my blood pressure done (eveything's cool), and I didn't have any protein in my urine. Wahoo!

I did tell my OB that I was cramping a bit and that I was concerned if everything was ok or not, especially since the previous ultrasound that I had had showed a heartbeat of only 105. So she allowed me to get another ultrasound, and they were able to do it that day! Yay!

So I went down to the ultrasound place and waited for about 15 minutes, then the lady called me back, and I got all prepped. When everything first showed up on the screen, I didn't even see a sac. I panicked a little, and the tech was just going on and on about something else entirely. I was terrified because I didn't see the sac. Finally, about 15-20 seconds later, she found it. It was a long 15-20 seconds, but not as long as the next 15-20 seconds. I saw the baby, but I didn't see the heart beating... I was even more panicked. The tech just said, "ooh, that baby is just in a weird position." Then she moved the wand around a bit, and I FINALLY saw the heartbeat. I was so relieved, but wasn't going to completely relax until I saw how fast it was. She measured it, and it was 154 bpm. :) Thank goodness everything is ok. I'm going to try and relax about this pregnancy a little bit. We'll see how that goes.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pregnancy-- I remember talking to someone about it a few weeks ago like it was the best thing I've ever been through. I remember saying, "Pregnancy was so great for me! I loved being pregnant, and I can't wait to be pregnant again." HA! Apparently I didn't remember first tri at ALL when I was saying these phrases.

My morning sickness is, obviously, still sticking around. Today I have felt a little bit better than I have, but i've still thrown up three times (and it's only 1:20pm). It gets pretty bad at night, too. I have started to take a B6 vitamin for it. I read that if you take 25mg, three times a days, then it will help. I'm not sure if it is yet.

I'm officially 7 weeks (well, 7 weeks and 1 day), which is a nice little milestone. I got an ultrasound with Norah at 7 weeks 4 days, and I remember so much of what it looked like-- it actually looked like a little baby. I am just imagining that that's what this one looks like too.

Next appt: October 25th
Next milestone: 8 weeks (Monday)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Norah told daycare...lol

10/19/12 I walked in to pick up Norah from daycare today, and the director's daughter said, "So Norah has been telling us that you are expecting a baby!" Apparently Norah, out of the blue, told her teacher, "My mama has a baby in her belly and it is tiny and it is going to get bigger and bigger and bigger!" I confirmed it, because there was no hiding it at that point. Silly girl.

A post to remember how bad morning sickness is.

Let me start off by saying that I want to document as much as I can about this pregnancy, because by my plans, this is going to be our last child. I blogged a lot about my last pregnancy, but I realize that I forgot a lot of the stuff that isn't so great. Let me also say that I am beyond thankful and blessed by this pregnancy, and in no way would I trade it for anything. I just want this blog to be "real."

So... morning sickness. I read so many stories and blogs about women who never had morning sickness, or who had "a little twinge of nausea a few days ago." I'm so jealous. Like clockwork, my morning sickness began right at 6 weeks. I didn't know I was 6 weeks at the time. I thought I was 5w 5d, but then I had my u/s and it put the day of my m/s starting right at 6 weeks. It started off easy enough, just some waves of nausea a lot of the time, and the bloat was making it more noticeable. I felt like I had just gotten done eating a 7 course Romanian dinner all of the time. I would say that the bloat has gone down a bit but the morning sickness has reared it's ugly head. I am nauseous, like really  really nauseous from the second I wake up in the morning to the second I actually fall asleep in the bed at night. I dry heave constantly-- I have dry heaved almost everywhere I've been lately (school, home, church, the zoo). I have actually thrown up several times, but there's nothing to throw up. I can't eat.

When it comes to eating, I am not doing such a good job. The only real meal I get in each day is lunch. By the time lunch comes around, I have build my self up enough to force myself to eat. It is a pathetic meal that I eat, barely 1/3 of what I usually eat for lunch, but it is something. I can't remember the last time I ate dinner, and I certainly haven't had any breakfast. I had some crackers yesterday, and that helped for about a minute. At the zoo yesterday, I was able to eat a pretzel, and that helped for a little bit, too. The only thing that has done anything for me for this morning sickness is lemon water. Water with a LOT of lemon. I prefer fresh lemon, but I have had to settle a lot with bottled lemon juice. I ended up buying a quart of lemon juice from Walgreens yesterday and I keep it in my fridge at school.

So, that's about it. I haven't found a magical cure. I am going to ask my doctor on Thursday of next week at my appointment for some Zofran. I can't remember if it worked for me last time or not, but it is worth a shot. I need to eat. I know I've already lost at least 3, maybe 4 pounds in the last few days. I've got to eat.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Morning Sickness...

10/17/12 The morning sickness part of pregnancy may be my least favorite part. I am SO nauseous. The bad part is that I am at school, and it is impossible to scoot away to puke or when I'm feeling bad. I have had to just stop talking several times today just so that I could get through the sentence without getting sick. I bought a few things to keep at school just in case: Lemon drops (they seem to help), ginger ale (helping a little), and poptarts (I haven't been able to stomach one yet).

Morning sickness means that my little butter bean (as Crystal calls it) is doing well. I cannot wait to see him/her on the ultrasound again. I will be requesting an NT scan at my next appointment, which has to be performed between 11-13 weeks. My baby should look much more like a baby at that point. I can't wait!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


10-16-12 Today was amazing. I had my first ultrasound today, and I was kind of frustrated that they scheduled it as early as they did. I was 5 weeks 6 days, and aside of a sac and a fetal pole, I didn't think we'd be able to see very much. When she put the wand where it was supposed to go, I was afraid to even look at the screen because I was so nervous that I wasn't going to see anything. The tech told me before hand that because it was so likely, that I shouldn't be discouraged if I didn't see anything. I told her that I was aware of that and that I didn't expect to see a heartbeat at all. 

But we DID see a heartbeat!! There is only one baby (thank goodness!!!), and inside the sac was a tiny little baby with an even tinier heartbeat. It was amazing. I will never stop being completely amazed by how God gave us the ability to take 2 single cells and form it into a human inside the mother's body. Incredible. :) 

The heart was beating at 105 beats a minute, which is a little slow, but the tech said that the heart likely started beating yesterday or even today. Crazy. Also, she measured the baby and it was measuring at 6 weeks 1 day, which puts my official due date on June 10th! I'm SO happy and relieved. I knew something had to be going on in there with all of this morning sickness! 

Me at 5 weeks and a few days-- bloat like crazy! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

This is some fun times right here...

Oy. I am definitely feeling pregnant. I have a list of ever-growing symptoms:

Sore boobs
all-day nausea that I can tell is only going to get worse (thown up only once)
bloating and feeling like I just ate a thanksgiving dinner every minute of the day

I kind of forgot how "fun" first tri is. I will take it though. I cannot wait to meet my baby.

Things I am looking forward to this week:
My appointment on Tuesday-- I have the ultrasound and I am SO hoping to see the heartbeat.

Oh, while I'm at my appointment, Daniel has to get his blood drawn. It turns out that I am a carrier for Cystic Fribrosis. We are hoping and praying that Daniel is not a carrier. I cannot imagine the worry that is going to happen if Daniel is a carrier.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

5 Years

Today is my 5 year wedding anniversary! These last five years have been so full of joy, love, laughter, happiness, and so many other things that make us "us." I cannot imagine anyone in this world being a better fit for me-- Daniel is everything I ever dreamed of having in a husband, but didn't think I deserved. He has helped me strengthen my relationship with God, he has made me laugh every day since I've known him, and he is the most amazing father. I am so in love with him.

5 years ago today, I was just 24 years old. Daniel and I were set to graduate college in less than 2 months. We had only been together for 18 months-- but we loved each other. Really loved each other. And now, 5 years later, I am 29, we graduated college nearly 5 years ago, we've been together for 6 1/2 years, and our love has only gotten stronger and deeper. I love him.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life is good.

Life is good right now. I thought I'd take a moment to point out some of the goodness of life.

  • God's love-- no matter how imperfect I am, He loves me and always will.
  • The unconditional love of my husband. Similar to God, but on a much smaller scale. :) 
  • The unconditional love of my daughter-- it startles me sometimes how much she loves me. 
  • The smiles and laughter of my daughter. 
  • Norah's random, "Mama, I love you so, so big. Big like the ocean." 
  • Happy, successful efforts. :)
  • Our new house-- even with the repairs we have to make here and there.
  • Our furniture. We went a LONG time without buying any furniture, and just getting it hand-me-down. We finally decided to buy some furniture when we moved into our new house. Since we did, they gave us a $100 gift card, so today we went back and bought an arm chair for our sunroom. It looks fabulous and is so comfortable. :) 
  • Our families. I love my family, and I love Daniel's family so much. 

There's so much I am thankful for every day, but these are just as sampling. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5 Weeks!

Week 5! A little mini-milestone for me. I still don't know if everything is a-ok in there, but I can only assume that it is. I have had cramping here and there, but no bleeding, and no spotting. I am praying that everything is good. I want this baby so, so badly. Less than a week until our ultrasound, then I will be able to see if everything is on track. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's gonna be a busy June!

After many days of speculation from early testing, my sister found out for SURE today that she is pregnant! We are going to be due within 10 days of each other! That's insane! I am so happy for her and her husband. This is her first and her husband's third. Everyone in the world put this sister in the "she's NEVER having kids" camp, but she recently decided that t

Monday, October 8, 2012

Say what?

October 8th
I was on the phone with the husband today, when the other line clicked in with another call. It was my OB's nurses line, so I decided to take the call. She was calling to tell me that they sent my urine sample to the lab after my last appointment, and apparently there were signs of bacteria-- like a UTI. So now I have to take antibiotics. What's weird is that I've had about 15-20 UTIs in my life and they are horrible. Like, kill-me-now, this is awful, I can't-- I just can't. Well, with this apparent uti, I feel nothing. I would never have guessed I had a uti, and it is even making me question whether or not the labs were right. So tomorrow I will pick up my antibiotic, and we'll see what they say at my next appointment.

Things are moving right along with the pregnancy (I hope). I am 4 weeks 5 days, so anything could happen still. I am praying every day for this baby. My symptoms are strange. I am still cramping like crazy. I keep telling myself that it is just my uterus stretching. I haven't had any spotting or bleeding, so I am hoping that that is a safe guess. I have not felt nauseous at all, but my morning sickness didn't kick in until around 6 weeks with Norah, so I am trying to enjoy life without morning sickness while I can. I am tired, but I am managing-- especially since I am on fall break this week. My worst symptom is probably my bloat. Holy cow, the bloat. I easily look 4 months pregnant right now. I am trying to hide it as best I can. I don't want anyone to know yet (unless I tell them).

That's it for now. The ultrasound to check for growth and heartbeat is a week from tomorrow. I think it will get here fairly fast, especially since I am on fall break. Breaks always tend to go by too quickly. :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Well, my boob soreness is back for now. One actually felt so hard and sore, it reminded me of having a clogged duct.

Another symptom I've been having is unquenchable thirst. I don't remember this with Norah, but it is crazy. My mouth feels like I haven't had liquid in hours all of the time.

I like the symptoms-- they keep me sane.

New reasons to worry and Milestones

October 6th
There's something wrong with me-- like in my head wrong. I cannot get myself out of the "I'm totally going to lose this baby" mindset. I am trying so hard to just enjoy it, but I just have these awful feelings every now and again that I am "empty" and that there's nothing growing in there. My main reason to worry right now is that for the past several days I've had an actual symptom. My boobs hurt like crazy bad. Then last night, boom. Nothing. They are hardly tender anymore. Which of course, in my mind is never good.

 Then, as I'm sitting here writing, I have cramping, which can be good, and can be bad. Ugh... I cannot wait for October 16th-- the only thing that is going to get me super excited about this pregnancy is that ultrasound.

I want to be so excited. I want to be bouncing off the walls excited. I guess I have just read too many horror stories about chemical pregnancies and miscarriages. I've got to stop reading those.

What I have been reading is my blog from when I was pregnant with Norah. It was so much easier back then to not worry so much. I celebrated mini-milestones, which I fully intend on doing this time too. Here's my list of mini-milestones:

  • Make it to missed period-- CHECK!
  • Make it to 5 weeks
  • Make it to ultrasound and see a heartbeat
  • Make it to 8 weeks
  • Make it to 13 weeks 3 days (End of first Tri)
  • Make it to 20 weeks (Anatomy scan)
  • Make it to 24 weeks (Viability)
  • Make it to 30 weeks
  • Make it to 37 weeks (Full term)
  • Make it through delivery
Obviously there are more milestones towards the beginning, but that's because the beginning is such an uncertain time. There's nothing that reminds you that baby is ok. As for me though, I've got to try and stay positive. So, here are some mantra:

Today I am pregnant, and I love my baby! 
I am pregnant until someone tells me otherwise. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Biding the time...

This pregnancy is going to be a long one if it keeps up at this pace. It is going by so slowly. I think it will pick up once I realize for good that the baby is ok, and that he/she has a heartbeat. October 16th I'll find out. I cannot wait. Although, I'm trying not to wish my time away too quickly, because Fall Break is this week, and I am SO excited to be off of school and just chill for a while.

Speaking of chill-- there's no chillin' when it comes to our kitchen problems. I went downstairs in our house a few days ago, and while I was down there I heard a drip. I knew instantly that that wasn't good. I looked up and there was water dripping from the ceiling. Thankfully I remembered on the way to school that we have a home warranty that we asked for when we bought the house. I called them and they sent someone out today. I think we only have to pay our deductible, which is $75, but I'm not 100% on that. I really hope that's all we have to pay.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

They Doubled!!

October 4th
I have to keep reminding myself that I found out about my pregnancy really early this time. I am fairly certain that I found out when I was 9 or 10 dpo. I got my betas at what I think was 12 dpo, maybe 13. Because of the earliness, my betas were not super high, but they were there!

First beta on October 1st @ 3:45pm = 100
Second beta on October 3rd @ 3:45pm= 215

That is a doubling time of 43.47 hours. :) :) :)

I am so excited that I can breathe for a minute! I have had some serious cramping over the last few days, so that's been disconcerting, but the numbers are helping me to feel better. Now I can start to worry about my first ultrasound, which is on October 16th @ 1:45pm!

SO happy today!!

Driving myself crazy.

October 3rd
I am driving myself crazy by doing something stupid-- I'm still testing every morning. Ridiculous. I enjoy seeing the BFP, and it offers me some reassurance when I am feeling less than pregnant. Unfortunately, with that assurance comes craziness. I over-analyze the darkness of the lines. Yesterday and the day before I had these lines that were getting progressively darker. Today my line was a shade lighter than it was the day before, which in my brain means that I'm losing the baby.

I am praying constantly that this baby is growing and developing right on track. I will be devastated if this baby isn't a take-home baby. I am so in love with it already, and I just want him/her to be here in June.

Betas from the first draw were supposed to be here yesterday, but the nurse couldn't find them, so she said she'd call me this morning.

Update: Nurse said that the betas from today were good, and that I am indeed pregnant. She also said that they can't tell much from the first numbers-- the numbers must double in 48 hours. I'm going to go get my blood drawn again today to get them checked. I should find out tomorrow if we still have a viable pregnancy on our hands-- or in our uterus.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 Things.... and 1st appointment!

#1) Daniel told people. I'm 4 weeks today, and I am nervous as crap, I haven't gotten my betas back, let alone getting two betas back or an ultrasound, and he told people. Oh, and by people I mean that he told 80 kids and 6 staff members at the center he works at. What the what?! I'm trying not to be upset, but it is difficult. I can't change it. I just have to hope and pray that they don't blab it to everyone, and that I won't have to untell anyone. I am so worried about miscarrying. :(

#2) I didn't get my betas back today. Blah. They were supposed to be back today, but because my appointment was so late, the nurse who gets those had already left for the day. She said that she would look for them and call me first thing in the morning.

My first appointment was today. It was rather uneventful. I asked her if we could skip the annual exam because I was too worried about miscarrying and that seeing spotting would freak me out a bit. She agreed readily. She also put me on pelvic rest until the ultrasound. Speaking of which, the ultrasound is in 2 weeks! October 16th. I will only be 6 weeks then, so I'm hoping that we'll see the sac and hopefully a baby with a heartbeat. I am so so so hopeful and praying.

So, I guess that's it for now.


I am nervous about my betas. I am pretty sure that my period was due today or maybe tomorrow-- I can't be sure. There is NO sign of it, which there shouldn't be... considering I am pregnant and all. I am still just so nervous. I think I am going to get my beta results at my appointment this afternoon. I am curious, of course, as to what they are, but I can't put too much stock into them. It is the doubling that counts. If they come back at like 30 though, I'm going to cry. 30 for yesterday's level= no good.

At my appt today I will get my yearly exam, as well as a urine test and my weight. That will be my starting weight for the pregnancy. Hopefully it won't be too high. :|.

That's really all I can write about right now.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Beta is scheduled and the parents were told

My beta is scheduled for this afternoon around 3:45. I am super nervous about it. I am so worried that it will be low. After I worry about that, I am going to worry that it isn't doubling. I took another test this morning and it was only slightly darker than the previous day, if not the same shade. I prayed almost the whole way to work. I prayed that God would let me keep this baby and have it be healthy and happy. I am still praying that, and I will pray that until forever, I'm sure.

So this weekend, since my parents are in town, and also because I can't keep a secret to save my life, we went ahead and told them about the baby. We decided to do it by having Daniel say, "Hey, look at the card that Norah gave me." Then he showed them the card-- they read it and did exactly what he did. They said, "Awe... that's so cute! Wait, what?!!?!" Then my mom started screaming and jumping up and down. They were ecstatic. My dad couldn't stop hugging me. It was adorable.

My sister, Jessy's, reaction was my favorite. She was outside when everyone else found out, so we gave her the card to read. It was priceless. She had the same, "Awe, wait, WHAT?!" reaction, but it was the way her face instantly changed from happy to "WHAT THE?!" Lol... I loved it. So now they all know. It would be horrible to have to untell them if anything happened, but I really don't want to live in fear.

So I'm going for my beta today. I'll get the results tomorrow, then I'll go for a repeat on Wednesday and get the results on Thursday. So on Thursday we will find out if this is a (so far) viable pregnancy.