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I am a 29 year old teacher of fourth grade. My husband and I began TTC in March of 2008. We conceived our first month, but unfortunately it only ended in an early miscarriage. 8 months later we finally conceived again, and she was our take-home baby! Norah Jane was born on July 16, 2009. 7lbs 0oz 19" long and amazing. We recently had our sweet baby boy, Miles! He was born on June 12, 2013 at 3:37pm, weighing in at 8lbs 4oz, 20 inches long, and PERFECT! We are loving every minute of parenthood (even the frustrating minutes!). This blog is an attempt to chronicle the baby steps, foot steps, leaps, bounds, and milestones of this journey.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Testing... 1, 2, 3...

Let me start off by saying, we all knew I wasn't going to wait until October 13th to test. :) That would have made me over two weeks late. Nice thought, but no. So I tested yesterday morning and it was as negative as negative could be. I tested last night and got an evaporation line. I don't know what DPO I am exactly, so I wasn't sure whether to count myself out or not. 

I tested this morning with one of my internet cheapies again (that's what I've been using every time I test), and I got another evaporation line. I thought it was strange though to get an evap line within the time limit. The evap line is so light, that you can't even see it in this picture: 

So, because I thought it was strange to have an evap line so soon within the time limit, I decided to take Norah to Target to pick up some First Response tests. I found the box in the back that had an extra test in it (Woot!), and I even remembered my $2 off coupon. So I got 3 tests for $6.99. Not bad for FRER! I also picked up a 2 pack of digitals just in case.

So we went home, and because I am a crazy TTCer (Trying to Conceive-er) I saved my first morning urine from when I tested this morning. I dipped the FRER in the same stuff that I used for the cheapie test. Well, as it was working, I looked up pictures on google of "Postive Wanfu (the cheapie brand) tests." I really couldn't find much, so I put my phone down. Then I picked up the FRER with the intention of squinting and turning it to try and see a line like I just knew I was going to have to. As soon as I picked it up, I said, "Oh my goodness! I'm pregnant!" The line was pretty stinking obvious!

Because the line was so clear, I busted out the digital. I couldn't stop smiling and saying outloud..."I'm pregnant, oh my goodness, I'm pregnant. Thank you God, I am pregnant." :)

The digital took FOREVER to work-- like a solid three minutes, but it popped up with the most beautiful word I've ever seen:

I am so, so happy! I cannot believe we got pregnant on our second cycle trying! It took us 9 months to conceive Norah. Thrilled isn't even a big enough word for how I am feeling. I haven't even had time to figure out my due date. I did take an OPK on my birthday (September 19th), and it was positive, so who knows, maybe I got pregnant on my birthday. :) 

I now know that I'm NEVER going to buy the Wandfu brand of pregnancy tests again. They are so cheap on ebay-- I think I paid $4.50 for 25 of them. I used the same urine for all three tests, and the Wanfu didn't detect pregnancy at all. If a digital can pick it up, then anything should be able to. Digitals are way less sensitive. 

Oh, I haven't told Daniel yet. :) I don't know how to yet. He is in Minnesota at a conference right now, and he will be back tomorrow morning. My parents are flying into town today, so I don't know if we will tell them this time, or have a little secret and wait until the next time we see them. I can't wait to tell Daniel. :)

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