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I am a 29 year old teacher of fourth grade. My husband and I began TTC in March of 2008. We conceived our first month, but unfortunately it only ended in an early miscarriage. 8 months later we finally conceived again, and she was our take-home baby! Norah Jane was born on July 16, 2009. 7lbs 0oz 19" long and amazing. We recently had our sweet baby boy, Miles! He was born on June 12, 2013 at 3:37pm, weighing in at 8lbs 4oz, 20 inches long, and PERFECT! We are loving every minute of parenthood (even the frustrating minutes!). This blog is an attempt to chronicle the baby steps, foot steps, leaps, bounds, and milestones of this journey.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I am hopeful.

So this post is going to be not baby related. A few weeks ago--- actually, it was two days before Christmas, I walked down into our finished basement to go to our washer and dryer, and I heard a terrible sound:


Dripping is never good when you own a home. I looked up and I saw that there was water dripping from our ceiling in our basement, onto Norah's toybox and onto the carpet. Not good.

So, I called my husband down, and he had a look at it. Looooong story short, it turns out to be the refridgerator water line had broken and leaked through the floor of the kitchen (since the kitchen is above the basement), and through the ceiling of the basement. Ugh.

Thankfully, one of the things that we put into our offer for this house was to have a home warranty for 1 year. Man, oh man, has that proved to be valuable. This is the 2nd time we've called them about something, and they've taken care of it almost immediately. We will most definitely be renewing that at the end of the year.

So anyway, they had an appraiser come out and look at it, and another looooong story short, there is a bit of water damage to the insulation, the ceiling (obviously), the carpet in the basement, and something else I'm forgetting. Daniel ended up talking the appraiser dude into letting our own construction company people (friends of ours) do all of the work that needed to be done. Well, while they were over here today, they noticed that the subfloor under the kitchen was warped due to the water.

This is where things become hopeful. I **hope** so much that the insurance company is going to cover the cost of a new kitchen floor because of this. The appraiser told our contracting company that they needed to send him pictures to prove the damage (which we think they did), and that the insurance company may or may not cover it. I hope hope hope that they do.

We have a very... hmm... how do I say this... um, interesting? color of flooring that the previous owners laid down (and apparently loved). It's like a beige-pink marble with red swirls. Something like this:

Well, something like that, but much uglier. It is something that I would NEVER have chosen for my house, but it definitely wasn't a deal-breaker for the house when we bought it. The biggest issue with it is that it was installed very DIY-like, and they did a terrible job. Parts are cracked and missing, there is NO grout in some parts, it's awful. 

So... I'm hopeful that they'll cover it. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013

21 Week belly shot

I know I am 20w 5.5d, but I know that I am not going to feel up to taking another pic on Monday. So here it is!

Norah is 3 1/2. Or 42 months...lol.

Norah is 3 1/2... well, she was 3 1/2 on January 16th. I'm a little late. I want to write out as many things as I can think of right now to describe my sweet girl. I know I'm going to forget this stuff, and I hate that. I want to remember every detail about these days. She's incredible. She's much more than I ever thought I'd "get" in a daughter.

  • She is a little over 3 feet tall! Wahoo! She is such a short little thing, but, well... that's all my fault. :) 
  • She is 34ish pounds, maybe a little less. I am not sure actually. I can't remember because it's been so long since she was weighed. 
  • She's beautiful. Everyone kept telling me that she was going to lose those blue eyes of her. They probably told me that because Daniel and I both have dark eyes and she came out with gorgeous blue eyes. She's got light brown hair that goes a few inches past her shoulders. It's not that thick yet, but it is getting long. It's so pretty. She also still has those dimples. Oh those dimples.... she can get away with just about anything because of those dimples. I honestly don't think I'll ever forget looking at her for the very first time. She went from screaming her head off (she was cold, darnit!), to instantly calm the second she was placed in my arms. I looked at her, took her in, and she pulled her face back a bit and revealed those beautiful dimples. I remember thinking, "There's no way that she is my child. She's gorgeous, over-whelmingly beautiful." 
  • She says hilarious stuff. She tells me things all of the time that she thinks is SO funny. Lately she's been saying, "Hey mama, guess what? I'm going to be 16 on my next birthday." Now, she knows good and well how old she is going to be on her next birthday, but she thinks it is hilarious to tell me that she's going to be a different age. 
  • She LOVES helping me cook. We cook at least 3-5 times a week together. She is getting SO good at cracking an egg. She can do it without breaking the yolk, and with getting very little mess on her hands. I will say this though, last night she was helping me make peach cobbler. She started intentionally making a mess, so I said, "If you can't help me like a big kid, then you can't help me. Are you going to be a big kid?" She gets off her chair and starts walking towards her room. Then she said, "I'm not going to cook with you right now because you tattled on me, and that's not nice." Ridiculous.
  • She loves feeding the birds. Our house backs up to woods, and there are SO many birds that you can see. Since we spend most of the time in our sunroom, it is really cool to watch the birds. Hundreds of birds are all around constantly. It's awesome. Anyway, we feed them regularly, and while they poop on Daniel's truck, it's great to have them all out there. Norah lets us know immediately when she notices that we are out of bird food. 
  • She is so, so smart. I have been very careful to think of her as being really smart because I am a teacher-- I see parents all of the time thinking that they have kids that are so much smarter than their peers. I don't know if Norah is above her peers in intelligence or not, but I do know that she is fairly smart. 
    • She knows nearly all of her sight words that they are teaching at school, she can sound out many words and sometimes read full (small) sentences. She is learning her blends and diagraphs, and doing a really good job at it. She makes inferences about stories based on what is read to her or what she sees in a picture. She makes predictions, she can tell me just about anything I ask her about a story. 
    • She can count to 100, easily. I know this is just a pattern thing, but she picked up the pattern quite quickly. She can count to 100 without my help, and she can even go further if I say, "100 and .....". The thing that impresses me though is if I say, "Ok, what comes after 62?" She will know immediately. 
    • Her vocabulary is something that surprises me daily. We've never been very baby talk with her, and that's starting to show. She speaks to us in such school-age talk. 
    • She can come up with a story on the fly. She can create a character, a setting, and a plot off the top of her head within seconds. She loves telling us a story. 
    • Her teacher at school tells me on a regular basis that she is so impressed with Norah and her skills. They have a mixed class of  older 3, 4, and a few 5 year olds. They all do either the 4 year old or the 5 year old curriculum, based on their needs (I love this school). Norah has been doing the 5 year old curriculum, and doing very well at it. 
    • Her handwriting is ADORABLE. I'm trying to save as many things as I can that have her handwriting on it so that I can look at it later. She is getting really good at writing. 

Last night I was sitting on the couch watching tv, and Norah came up to me and wanted to cuddle. She's been doing this a lot lately. She'll just walk up to me, hold up her hands and usually make a whiny sound. I always let her cuddle with me because it rarely happens (until recently). So she got up there with me and started patting my belly.

She said, "Is he moving in your belly?"
I said, "No, right night I think he is asleep."
She said, "Oh, well, ::whispers:: let's not wake him up." Then she takes a blanket and says, "Here, I'll cover him up."

::heart melts::

She's been so sweet about her new baby brother. I don't know if it will continue after he is born, but I'm cherishing it right now. I love her.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Coldness makes me sad.

I've been so frustrated over the last two days. Two nights ago, my husband, who NEVER snores, was a snore-factory. I was awake almost all night long. Very miserable, but I figured he was sick, so it was no big deal. Well, then last night, I woke up at least 9-10 times because I couldn't get this possible snow day that we might have out of my head. It was ridiculous, and I got maybe 4 hours of sleep, and it was all broken sleep. Ugh. Two nights in a row.

Then, when the snow day never happened (even though EVERY single county surrounding us got out), I figured I'd make the best out of the day, and start it with a nice hot coffee for my freezing morning commute. So, I cleaned out the pot, made the coffee, and waited. I even had one of those to-go cups ready with my creamer. When it beeped, I pressed the lever down, (we have this one:)

...so I pressed the lever down, and it's clear, hot water. Clear. I had forgotten to add the coffee. Sigh... fail. :( Awful, but still very much a first world problem.

The day at school was so long. The kids didn't want to be there, the teachers didn't want to be there, and we all knew it. It was cold, rainy, and overcast. It was hard.

After school I went and got my beautiful girl, and we came home and made peach cobbler together. Spending time with my sweet girl makes me feel so wonderful, and makes me feel better. :)

Now, speaking of my kids. Wow... I'm going to have kidS...with an S. Crazy. Anyway, this little boy has been jumping and hopping around like it is no one's business. He is SO LOW in my uterus, it's unreal. I keep expecting to feel movement higher up since my belly is getting higher up, but all I can feel are kicks, jabs, and rolls right above my pubic bone. He's kicking and dancing right now, in fact.

So here's something strange I keep thinking.... what if the tech was wrong? What if she said boy, but she really got a terrible angle? I don't know if this is a legit worry, but I keep looking at the ultrasound photo, and it is so much more unclear than my DD was. There's definitely something there, but I'm not fully sure it was directly in between the legs. I am sure that the tech was correct though, I mean, she's paid to read these things. I guess we will know for absolute sure in 4-5 months. :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

20 weeks! I'm half-baked!

I'll update later with actual words and thoughts, but for now, here's my super awesome 20 week belly pic.

You know the baby is getting bigger when...

Lately I've been super busy, so I haven't had much time to realize I'm feeling our baby boy kicking in there. Well, I finally sat down, and I think it is amazing how much our baby has grown! I can feel him kicking and punching on both sides of my belly at the same time.. he's growing!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pregnancy Survey for #2!

The last time I was pregnant, I did a pregnancy survey at around 20 weeks. It was fun to look at it and read my answers. You can find it here if you are curious. So I've decided to do the same survey again since this will (hopefully) be my last pregnancy.

My Pregnancy 
Mother Name: Jennifer/Jiff
Age: 29 
Birthday: Sept 1983 
Birth Place: Georgia 
Height:5' 3"
Pre-pregnancy weight: 163 
Current weight: 164
Fathers Name: Daniel 
Age: 29 (although he'll be 30 when the baby is born...he he he)

RELATIONSHIP STATUS Are you with the baby's father?: Yes, most definitely. :) 
Are you married?: Yes 
If together, how long have you been together?: We began dating on April 16th, 2006, we were married Oct. 13th, 2007 (1 1/2 years after dating... crazy!). So I suppose we've been together for nearly 7 years, and we've been married for about 5 1/2 years. 
Is this your first pregnancy?: Nope, technically this is my 3rd. I lost my first one very early on, then had my amazing daughter with my second, and now we're on the 3rd pregnancy! 

How did you find out you were pregnant? I tested when Daniel was out of town because I honestly didn't think anything would come of it. I tested on a Friday night with a piece of junk Wanfu test. The Wanfu test showed nothing (I think I was 9dpo), so I set it up on my window sill in the bathroom and didn't think anything else about it. The next morning I tested again with another Wanfu, and I thought I saw something, but I really wasn't sure. It really really looked like an evap line, but since I wanted to know one way or the other, I loaded up Norah in the car and we went to Target and bought some real tests. I tested as soon as I got home. As I sat there and waited for it to do its thing, I said to myself, "ok, if it is positive, I'm going to have to squint and turn it and hold it up to the light to see it." Well, I looked at it three minutes later and there was a light, but obviously there line blaring in my face. I was stunned! I then dipped a digital, and after an agonizing three minutes, it popped up "Pregnant!" 
The only problem with all of this was, Daniel was out of town, and my parents were coming into town. I didnd't know how I was going to keep it a secret. 

What were your first symptoms?: Tiredness... I was SO tired, then came the morning sickness, right on time at 6weeks. 
Who did you tell first?: Daniel... at the airport. It was incredible. 

Who was with you when you found out?: No one

Was baby planned?: Most definitely. We decided about 2 years ago that we'd start trying for another one in August of 2012 in hopes that I'd get pregnant quickly and be due in the summer. We did not get pregnant the 1st cycle, but we did the 2nd cycle! 

REACTIONS What was your reaction?: I was so happy, and shocked that it happened so fast!

What was the baby's father's reaction?: Norah and I gave him a card at the airport after he had been gone a little over a week. The card said, "We REALLY missed you! Signed, Wife, Norah, and Baby #2." It took him a second to get it, but then the biggest look of happiness spread across his face. It was awesome!!

What was the parent's reactions? They had NO idea that we were trying for another one, so they were shocked and SOO happy! We ended up having Daniel show them the card that I gave him. He said, "Hey, Bob, Tina, look at this card Norah gave me today." They said, "Awe, that's so... WAIT, WHAT?!!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!?" It was so fun!!

What was friends and family reactions? Everyone was really happy for us. People had been asking us to have another one for the last two years. lol

Due date: June 10th, 2013

Do you want to know the sex? Oh yeah! I toyed with the idea of not finding out, then I giggled to myself and said, yeah right... 

Do you know the sex?: Yes!

If so, boy or girl?: a BOY! CRAZY!! We had no idea it would be a boy! 

Any names?: Nope... lol

Any ultrasounds?: I've had quite a few, actually. The first one at 5w6d, then at 7w, then at 12 weeks for the NT scan, then at 14 weeks because we had a bleeding scare, then at 16 weeks because at the 14 week one they saw that I had partial placenta previa and they wanted to see if it was correcting itself, then at 19w 3d for my anatomy scan. The placenta previa resolved itself on its own.

Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yes, and I love it every time.

Baby ethnicity?: White.

Who do you think baby will look like? Hoping he looks like Daniel. Daniel is so handsome. :) 
Will baby have any siblings?: Yes, our sweet baby girl! (Baby even though she's 3 1/2)
Will baby have their own room?: Yes
What is baby's nursery theme? I have no clue... I'm so far behind! 
Have you and dad felt baby move?: I have... LOTS! Daniel hasn't yet.

LABOR Who is your OB/GYN? A woman doc.
What hospital will you deliver: A great one in Nashville
Who will be in the delivery room? Daniel only. 

Will you use medication?: Yeah... I'll go as long as I can w/o it.
Are you scared about labor?: I'm scared that I won't have as amazing of a labor as I did with my daughter. 
Will you videotape or take pictures?: I think Daniel will be doing all of the picture taking and videoing. 
How will you react when you see baby? Hopefully just like I did with Norah. Crying with happiness and love. 
What will you say?: We'll see.

Did you have morning sickness?: Oh yes... until about 17 weeks. So bad I had to get Zofran this time around. 
Did you have any cravings? I've been craving lots of sushi and salty things. I am craving Demos' ranch dressing right now, and have been for several days. 
Did you have any mood swings?: No, but I didn't with Norah either. 
Are you a high risk pregnancy?: Not technically, but they are monitoring me closer this time because of my low fluid that I had with Norah. 

any complications?: Not so far.

Formula or breastfeeding?: I am going to try to breastfeed again. I made it to 6 months with Norah before I had thrush, mastitis, and blood coming out of my nipples, so we'll see how it goes with this one. 

Have you bought anything for baby yet?: Not.a.thing. It's sad really, but we didn't know it was a boy until this past week. I am hoping to buy a swing today. It is a My Little Lamb swing, which retails for $180-- which I could never justify. I just found one on Craigslist for $50, so I'm hoping the lady will come through and I can pick it up today. 

When did you start to show?: I think it was around 14 weeks I had some poochy going on from bloat, but 16 weeks I really started to look pregnant. 

How long could you wear your regular clothes?: I can still wear some shirts that are pre-pregnancy, but I've been in all maternity pants (unless there's an elastic waist) since around 16 weeks. 

Are you excited?: So excited... I cannot wait to meet him. 

Who will help with baby after their born?: Daniel. Since my sister is due 12 days after me, I'm not sure my parents will be able to stay and help at all. 

What is your favorite thing about being pregnant?: The fact that I am going to have a SON. 

What is the worst thing about being pregnant?: lol, a lot. The sickness for months and months, the tiredness, the headaches, the pains, etc. But it is SO worth it. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh em gee, IT'S A BOY!!!!

Our anatomy scan was today, and it is a perfectly healthy BOY!!!

I don't even have a way to describe how unbelievable shocked, and surprised I am today! A boy! A boy?! What?!?! There aren't boys in my family! This is crazy!

Ok, calm down a bit... Whoo... I want to recount the ultrasound experience before I forget, so here goes:

Husband and I got there to the ultrasound place, and waited for about 15 minutes before we were called in. I was slightly disappointed by the tech that we got because I've had her before, and she's not very spirited. She's very...focused, which I suppose is wonderful since she is checking out our baby to make sure it was ok.

So the scan starts, and she's checking out everything, heart looks great (I saw all four chambers), all measurements were great, all organs were great, heartrate was 145bpm. :) At one point she was measuring the legs, which surprisingly, were longer than Norah's were at this point. Anyway, she was measuring the legs, and it was a "coffee-table shot." In other words, I could see from the bottom of the legs up. I looked in between the legs and saw nothing... no nub, no nothing, so I told myself that it was a girl, which I was very happy about.

A little while later, she said, "You guys already know what you are having, right?" I said, "No!" So she asked us if we wanted to find out, and I looked at Daniel and said, "Yes!"  Daniel said to her, "I don't think she'll leave this room until you tell her..." So she scanned over to the legs to get the shot, and I looked and looked for those three lines that confirm it is a girl. I looked and looked and looked, and I was confused by why I didn't see them. In my head, it didn't register that the absence of those three lines meant that it was NOT a girl. I kept looking for the three lines and even thought to myself, "Ok, I don't see the lines... and what is that thing in the middle of the legs?" Lol... Daniel said he had the same thought process. Too funny. So finally, she pointed to the penis and said, "It looks like a boy to me!"

I said, "What?! A boy?! Are you sure?!?!" She said, "That's what it looks like to me!" Then it clicked... that "think" in the middle was a boy part! Lol! I was in shock and bliss all at the same time. I teared up, I kept looking at Daniel-- he was smiling from ear to ear... it was amazing. Never, ever, in a million years did I think I would have a son... and now I am! Wow!! Such blessings God has given us. I am beyond thankful! Daniel even said today that he felt over-blessed. We are so grateful!

So the rest of the scan was fairly uneventful... she had to get some more measurements, and all of the sudden I started having HORRIBLE back pain, but just in one spot at the upper left of my back. So bad that I couldn't continue the scan. I told her to stop. I was in so much pain. She was not concerned at all. She just said, "Well, that's ok.. I think I'm done anyway." I was shocked and still in a lot of pain, but it ended up going away after a few minutes of standing and walking anyway.

She did give us a DVD and a few pictures to take with us. I just can't get over it. Amazing.

After the ultrasound I had my appointment with my OB upstairs. We had to wait FOREVER, but we finally got called back. I peed, that was totally fine. I got weighed--> Up 1lb from pre-pregnancy weight. Although I'm thinking that could have been my huge sweater and jeans I had on, but whatevs. I got my fundal height checked, and that was all good. Overall, easy peasy. I go back at 24 weeks, which will be Valentine's Day!

So excited, so happy, so shocked, SO blessed!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tomorrow is kind of a big deal.

Tomorrow is the day that I have been waiting for since I found out I was pregnant for the (hopefully!) last time. Well, technically there are two days that I've been looking forward to the most, the day the baby gets here is #1, but tomorrow is a close second. Tomorrow we find out what we are having. I can't wait!

So... is it a boy or is it a girl? I have no idea. I don't have a serious, "It's definitely...!" attitude this time around. We'll see. Like I've said before, I feel like having another girl would be SO much easier, and I would LOVE to have Norah have a sister, but I know a boy would be fun, too. We'll see. :)

Other than the excitement over tomorrow, I really am feeling ok/pretty good. I've been a bit tired lately, but that very well could be because we have had 6 straight days of  rain/ice/sleet. It's bee awful. I've been praying for a snow day for the last three days, just to wake up to no phone call from the district in the morning... sigh... maybe one day.

Anyway, tomorrow!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

19 Weeks!

Holy crap, I'm 19 weeks! One more week and I'll be halfway through this shin-dig, and on the downhill slide! I keep thinking that I could possibly deliver earlier than my due date this time, and I'm kind of hoping for not... My school ends June 1st... I am due June 10th. Stay in there until then, kiddo!

So things have been kind of quiet with the pregnancy--thank goodness! My m/s is almost all of the way gone YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I get a little nauseated here and there, especially if I don't eat small, frequent meals, but I am usually able to stave it off. My headaches are, for the most part, subsiding. I get about one headache every two days, sometimes slightly more often, but Tylenol is seeming to do the trick. Those sinus headaches are the worst, so I'm SO glad they are not around right now. I am still having a hard time eating a lot. Usually by dinner time I can eat a fairly big meal, but lunch and breakfasts are very small for me still. I'm positive I've gained weight though. Not throwing up every five seconds is helping with that!

The baby is kicking like crazy-bad lately. I love it, but still, it's one of the weirdest feelings on the planet. I can tell that the baby is still very low, still below my belly button, but I'm sure he/she is growing ok... I hope! Speaking of he/she... we find out the sex in 3 days!!!!!! I'm so excited! I can't even allow myself to think about it too much because I will go nuts. With Norah, I just knew it was a girl from day one. With this one, I just don't know. I flip flop back and forth constantly about it. We'll know for sure on Thursday though!

How far along? 19 Weeks

Symptoms: Feeling pretty good--FINALLY! I am able to eat, and I don't feel like death all of the time. 

Weight gain/loss: Not sure. I think I was still -4 or -3 at my last appointment, but I'm nearly positive I've gained at least 4lbs in the last month. We'll see. 

Maternity clothes? yes and no. I am wearing maternity pants all of the time,  but not so much in the shirts yet. 

Sleep: I have FINALLY slept through the night! In fact, for the past two nights I've slept through the night! I have to sleep with a pillow between my legs or I wake up feeling like crap, but overall, sleep is good!  

Food cravings/aversions: I've been craving Demos' house-made ranch dressing like crazy lately. Aversion: Chicken... gonna vomit. 

Movement? I feel movement constantly. Kicking is what this little one likes to do. I haven't felt any rolling yet, which I'm thankful for, because the rolling made me feel nauseated with my last pregnancy. I feel the kicks at least 25 times a day now. 

What I miss: not feeling like a bloated cow.

Best moment(s) this week: Making it to 19 weeks, and making it to my anatomy scan week with some sanity left!

What I'm looking forward to: The Anatomy Scan on Thursday!!!! So excited!

Next appointment: Thursday!!!!

Milestones: 20 weeks= half-baked, then 24 weeks for viability. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

18 week belly shot

I am doing terribly at taking belly photos, so I thought I'd do one before I got out of 18 weeks. :) I am actually 18w 4d, so I am a little behind, but whatevs.

It's funny. I am 90% sure that this belly is smaller than my belly shot from last week. That may be explained by me discontinuing Zofran. I am now able to use the restroom, so I am not as "full" looking as I had been. Lol. Either way, I feel way bigger than I look when I look at this picture. I honestly feel like I've gained next to 20 lbs. I highly doubt that is the case considering I was still down 4 or 5 lbs at my last appointment, but we'll see.

So tonight we are going on a date night! I am so excited! What's even cooler is that we are going on our first-ever double date night! We are going to go out with our good friends, Melissa and Will, and we are going to our favorite date-night restaurant called Whitfields. I am so excited because their food there is upscale, all made in-house, and creative. And it is SO good. I almost always get the Chefs special because it's always different. I'm excited to find out what it will be tonight. With my luck it will be a chicken recipe (which it never has been), and I'm still anti-chicken. Lol...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

One week from today.

One week from today, we will be finding out the sex of our little baby. I am so stinking excited. Thankfully, the time to find this out came around much faster this time around than it did last time. I wrote this post when I was pregnant with Norah, and if you go back from there, it shows my impatience. We began a countdown on my classroom board starting at 3w 6d... lol.

This time I learned from one past mistake. I scheduled my appointment for the afternoon instead of the morning. I have to take a half-day off of work so that I can save up my time, and last time, for some impatient reason, I decided to schedule my appointment for 8:30am. That meant that I had to go BACK to school after we found out. Let me just say, the LAST thing I wanted to do after I found out that we were having a girl (with Norah) was go back to my 4th graders at school. I wanted to go shopping! So this time, I made sure that I scheduled my appointment for the afternoon so I don't have to go back. Specifically, my appointment is at 1:15pm! After the appointment I will be going shopping for sure. :)

Here's a little issue I've got going right now... I have no idea how to announce whether it is a boy or girl. I really want to do something fun and special since this is (hopefully) out last one, but I'm not sure how to do it. My sister did the cake cutting, which was a lot of fun, but I just don't know what to do. Looks like I'll be Pinterest-ing it up tonight! :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

48 Hours.

I'm pretty sure that I am 48 hours in with NO Zofran. That is so exciting to me. I've had a few moments where I've had to pause and wait a moment, but nothing unmanageable. Yesterday I got in the car to go to work, and right before I put the car in reverse, I suddenly had the overwhelming urge to puke, so I opened the door and puked right there on the driveway. Ugh. Today I had a nice puke fest right after I brushed my teeth. Pregnancy is beautiful....

Monday, January 7, 2013

Gotta kick that Zofran!

I am determined to kick my Zofran "habit". I don't really have a habit, but I take it every day, nearly twice a day every day. I don't like the side effects, so I am going to try to kick it. I haven't had it in 24 hours...actually maybe 26. I really want to stop it completely and just have a normal, no vomiting 2nd tri. We'll see.

Going back to school today after winter break was really hard. My students were fantastic, thank goodness, and my crazy-child who pretended to shoot my class with a machine gun the Monday following the CT shootings wasn't there, so that was nice, but it was a long day. I got so used to having the days to myself during those two weeks. Good thing that Spring Break is only 9 weeks away and it is a FULL 2 weeks this time! Woot!! I can't even explain how excited about that I am-- I've NEVER had a 2 week spring break.

Nothing else is really going on right now. Norah has taken to drawing the most creative and adorable things lately. I need to take some pictures of them and post them because they are so stinking cute. At school she drew a picture of a fish, and it is the cutest fish ever. At home today she drew a picture of Jamie holding a washcloth, then a picture of a house, with a slide that goes down into a bedroom. Her words. :)

Today she was drinking her Pink Bunny Milk (Nesquik) in the car and it spilled on her when I accelerated. She got mad and said, "Mama! When I get home, I am going in my room! I am sitting on my bed, and I am NOT going to play with you because I am mad!!"

It was hilarious. Drama. Queen.

Friday, January 4, 2013

The cause of the headaches.

In my last post, I posted about how I was having these horrific headaches-- the kind that you can't sleep through, and tylenol does NOTHING for them. Well, on New Years Eve, I called my OB's nurses line because I was SO miserable. I couldn't function throughout the day. I was barely speaking to anyone because speaking hurt my head even more, and I couldn't even register what anyone was saying to me because of the pain. It was awful.

The nurse told me that they didn't have any appts available for that day because they were only open until 12, and the doctor that was there was triple-booked. They were closed New Years of course, and Wednesday following New Years was booked too. She gave me two options: 1) Go to the hospital and have them monitor me in the Women's Center. 2) Wait until Thursday to be seen.
With option 1, all I could think about was the bill I'd get in the mail. It would be at least $300 for me to go and be monitored all day with insurance. I really didn't want to do that, but I told her that I would go if things got worse before Thursday.

New Years day wasn't the worst, but I still couldn't eat much because of the pain. I still hadn't slept through the night (still haven't), and I still hadn't woken up a single day without a headache. Wednesday was awful-- I was so miserable, but I really thought I could make it through until Thursday to save myself $300. Thursday finally came, but my appointment wasn't until 2:30. I was so so so miserable until then. There was now pain in my face-- and lots of it. The pain was constant, and heat barely took the edge off. Ugh...

So finally I made it to my appointment. The NP said that I most definitely have a horrific sinus infection that is all over my head, and that was what was causing the face pain. She also thinks that I have a chronic muscle spasm, which is causing the headaches in the back of my neck. She gave me this wonderful item:

A Z-Pack. She also gave me a pregnancy-safe muscle relaxer for the spasm. I took my 1st two pills of the Z-pack yesterday afternoon, took one this morning, and I am now feeling about 70% better. My face only hurts a little tiny bit, and I can just feel myself getting better. I still am having a difficult time sleeping, but it is better than it was, so that's all I can ask for right now. Looking forward to being 100% though.

So that's it for now. Baby is kicking like crazy, and he/she is SO low still. I can feel him/her, but barely above my pubic bone. I'm sure that uterus is growing though! That's all for now. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

17 Weeks

What a whirlwind it has been during the last few weeks! The holidays took up most of my time, but things are starting to slow down, so I have a bit of time for an update.

I'm 17 weeks now! Well, 17 weeks and 2 days. Anyway, I am getting a tiny bit bigger, but my bump isn't like crazy out there yet. My bloating has gone away thank goodness-- I cannot believe it stuck around as long as it did! I am fairly certain it didn't go away until 15 week this time. Crazy.

About 2 weeks ago I started feeling movement, and now it is very obvious kicking. :) It is still very strange to me to have a person kicking you from the inside, but it is still really great to get the reassurance that my itty bitty is ok. I feel kicks about 20 times a day now, mostly when I am sitting down or laying down.

I am still having morning sickness, which sucks, but there's nothing I can do but take my Zofran. I have tried so many times to stop taking it, and I usually get a full day without it, but then it gets ugly.

I have HORRIBLE headaches now. I remember having headaches with Norah, but nothing like this. These headaches have been waking me up in the middle of the night, they are not allowing me to sleep easily-- in fact, I dread sleep because I wake up with a headache every morning. I am going to the doctor tomorrow for them, so hopefully I will find some relief.

Anatomy scan is set for January 17th, so in 15 days we will find out what we are having! I am super excited, and also trying to not rush time. I want to enjoy this last pregnancy of mine. I still don't have any ideas of what I am having. I am feeling boy a little bit still, but who knows. My entire family thinks that I am having a girl and that my sister is having the elusive boy. It gets very frustrating when they talk about it because it sounds like they are going to be disappointed with "another" girl. I don't care though. I have been thinking a lot lately about how much easier it will be to have another girl. Either way I am going to be super happy. :)

So names--- yeah... I've got nothing. I still have nothing. We have been talking about it a little bit, but then we just gave up and decided to table the discussion until we find out what the sex of the baby is. Why stress about it if we don't have to yet? :)

That's about it for now. Norah is amazing still. She will be 3 1/2 this month, and that is blowing my mind. She's such a big girl. Here's a bit about here to look back on later:

*She can put puzzles together like nobody's business. For Christmas she got a dinosaur puzzle (24pc), a Dora puzzle (24pc), and a Winnie the Pooh puzzle (24pc)... she can put all three of them together within 5 minutes. It's insane.

*Her vocabulary is above and beyond anything I ever expected it could be at 3 1/2 years old. There isn't a word that she can't say, and she constantly is coming up with sentences and phrases that stop me in my tracks. This morning I was telling her to put on her clothes so we can go to school. She held up her hand to stop me and said, "Mama, wait-- How about this? I am going to eat breakfast first, then I will get dressed, then I will go to school." Such a planner.

*She takes naps about 2 out of 5 days at daycare...she's never been a sleeper.

Ok, that's all for now. I'm tired, and I need to get some laundry folded...for once! :)