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I am a 29 year old teacher of fourth grade. My husband and I began TTC in March of 2008. We conceived our first month, but unfortunately it only ended in an early miscarriage. 8 months later we finally conceived again, and she was our take-home baby! Norah Jane was born on July 16, 2009. 7lbs 0oz 19" long and amazing. We recently had our sweet baby boy, Miles! He was born on June 12, 2013 at 3:37pm, weighing in at 8lbs 4oz, 20 inches long, and PERFECT! We are loving every minute of parenthood (even the frustrating minutes!). This blog is an attempt to chronicle the baby steps, foot steps, leaps, bounds, and milestones of this journey.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Appointment Update

I had my 34 week appointment yesterday. I was so afraid that I had gained 7 more lbs or so. Fortunately, I only gained 1 lb. That puts me at a total of 8lbs overall. Not too bad for 34 weeks I suppose. I am trying to keep it under 20 for the whole pregnancy. By trying, I mean not trying... I am not going to go on a diet to satisfy my weight goals during the last part of pregnancy. I think a large part of my minimal weight gain is that I get SO SO hungry, and then I eat. But when I eat, I can only eat a very small amount because then I get SO full. But then I'm hungry again an hour later... crazy.

Blood pressure was fantastic, no protein or sugars in urine. My fundal height was a little big though. I was measuring at least 35 weeks. She said, "He's a big boy!" Sigh... not too much of what I want to hear right now when all I can think about is him comingout...  My OB mentioned that 34 weeks is a huge milestone for babies in utero. She said that nearly all babies born at 34+ weeks have little to no problems at all. Some 34-36 weekers need some NICU time, but most are fine. Glad to hear that. :) I am very anxious to meet my itty bitty, but not too anxious! Stay in there, PLEASE for at least 5 more weeks! :)

I didn't even have any questions for my OB this time. I feel pretty good, honestly. Things seem to be going well, and despite me having to pee ALL of the time, being a bit slower than usual, having a difficult time sleeping, and getting winded more easily, I'm feeling alright. I am feeling as good as I can for 8 1/2 months pregnant. :)

Friday I am off of work so that Daniel and I can go to Atlanta together. I am SO excited about it. I bought a dress from Ross for the wedding that we are going to on Saturday, and I decided to test drive it today at work. It is like a maxi dress--- long and stretchy. It fits so well, and it feels SOO nice. Holy moly, it feels great to not feel so restricted. I think I might just wear dresses for the rest of the pregnancy. :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

34 Weeks!

6 more weeks! We still havent done next to anything to prepare for the itty bitty's arrival. Here is just a sampling of what we have left to do...

-START on the nursery.
-put the swing together
-put the rock and play together
-wash his clothes
-find him a dresser
-pick out a middle name!!
-pack our hospital bag
-finish up little projects around the house

Sigh. It's a lot. The nursery will come together quickly as soon as I can get the bed out of there. We're waiting for another person to come over so they can help Daniel move it to the garage. We are donating it to a college girl who needs it, but she can't take it until may 30th, so we will have to store it in our garage.

I am starting to get a little nervous about the lack of progress we have made lately, but I'm a last minute person anyway. :)

For now, here's my belly shot for the week . First regular, then bare belly just to show the difference. It's getting really big!

In other news, I have my first student teacher right now. It's interesting, to say the least, but it is nice getting to sit down more than usual because of my big ol' belly.
Daniel and I are going to Atlanta this weekend! We are going to his cousin Laura's wedding on Saturday, and we are going to spend the weekend down there, just the two of us. Norah is staying with Jamie and Crystal, so it's like a mini-baby moon. I'm really excited. We get to go to a Braves game, too. Provided they don't cancel it for rain...
That's all for now. I have my 34 week appointment at 1:20 today, so I'm taking a half-day at school. Hopefully it will be very uneventful with minimal weight gain.

Monday, April 22, 2013

33 Weeks!

Well, 33 weeks here... 7 weeks to go!

I am posting two pictures tonight. I am doing this because I swear it looks like I am a lot smaller than I really am when I am wearing this shirt. So, I also posted a picture of my belly at the same time of day, 15 seconds later, just no top shirt. The difference is crazy in my head. It's just so.... BIG!

I am feeling ok lately. He is pretty low, so it's a bit difficult to walk a lot like I have to during the day, but other than that, I'm feeling alright. That's all I'm going to be writing tonight. I've got to make one more pacifier clip tonight before I go to bed. I reopened my Norah&Ollie Etsy shop this week, and I've already had 8 orders! Only two of which are from someone I know in real life. I am excited! :) :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Floor Financials

Today I am a bit happy and relieved. Since this whole water damage thing at our house, I've been very nervous about what the final cost of everything would be. We knew we were going to have "extra" money from the insurance settlement because we weren't replacing our marble floors with marble. We ended up using that extra money to refinish all of the hardwood floors in our whole house so that they would match the brand new kitchen and sunroom floors. When we made the decision to do that, we had not anticipated that there were going to be MAJOR other problems that we had to deal with... like the black mold under the sunroom floors that caused us to have to replace the subfloors (+$700), and the extra floor joists that we had to install because someone cut corners while they were installing our sunroom years before we bought the house (+$2,000), and even framing out the sunroom more than it was because, again, someone cut corners (+$300).

With all of these extra things that we had to do, on top of the floors that we had already done, I was seriously afraid that we wouldn't have enough from the insurance settlement to do all of it, and that we'd have to pay out of pocket. I just wanted to get the checks from our insurance company (and the mortgage company-- who held the funds until inspections were done), and get them all to our contractor, so we would be done with the financial aspect of it all. Unfortunately, that was happening MUCH slower than I would have liked.

Well, yesterday, we received a check back from our contactor. We sent him all of the money that we got back from our insurance company since his name was on the check, and then we would just get an overage check back if there was any overage. So... there was, and we got it yesterday. There was a little over $2,000 left over. I was so thankful, and SO relieved that everything has been worked out financially with the company. Also, we were supposed to get back $2,180 from taxes this year, but it ended up that we had to PAY $82. :( We didn't get back anything and we had to pay. It was awful. So, this extra money softened that blow big time. I was really worried about the no tax return, primarily because we were going to use that during my maternity leave.

Anyway, so the house looks great, there's no current water damage, and we got a little extra in our savings.... that makes me feel so much better about everything.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

7 Years after "The Incident."

7 1/2  years ago I was registering for my classes for my Junior year of college. I was excited, because I was so close to being done. I went to register, and the last class that I registered for was the most frustrating one. It was my daily Bible class. At my college, we were required to take a daily Bible course every semester. I actually enjoyed the classes because they helped me gain a deeper understanding of why things were written in the Bible.

Anyway, it was the only class left to register for, and if you've ever been in college, you know that is the hardest to fit into your schedule, because you can only pick from what's left that will fit. So... I ended up choosing one called, "Prison Epistles" and that was that. No more thoughts about it.

A few days later, I was still looking at the scheduling thing, and for some reason, I just felt the urge to not take Prison Epistles. I think it was because it would have made me have a later lunch... which I didn't want. Previously, there were no other options, because everything was full. However, it ended up that there was one more spot available for a different class because someone had dropped the class that very day. So, I quickly grabbed it up! Now I was registered for a class called, "Minor Prophets." I was slightly disappointed because Minor Prophets did not sound nearly as exciting as Prison Epistles, but it would allow me to eat lunch earlier. :)

All of this leads up to "The Incident." by the way.

So, the first day of class, in January of 2006, I go in and see that I have several friends in the class with me. I ended up sitting next to this one guy that I was friends with in the very back, which is very unlike me. On the other side of me was this other guy who was friends with my friend. I knew of him, but I had never met him. I figured we could all be friends though.

After class that day, the three of us met up with three other people that we all mutually knew, and we ate lunch together. This ended up being a regular thing for the rest of the semester. Every time we got out of class, we'd all walk over to the dining hall and eat lunch together. Now, even though there were 6 of us, I still mainly talked to two of the people that I knew better than the others. We were all friendly though, and we rarely missed a lunch together.

One day, on April 16th, I went to class, as usual, and I planned to eat lunch with my group just as I had all semester. Only... no one was there. Out of the 6 of us, only 2 of us were there. The other 4 had skipped class that day and gone somewhere. So, it was just me and this friend of a friend there. This was the guy that I sat next to in the class, whose friend was on the other side of me. I knew of him, but I wasn't friends with him when we met. We also had barely spoken to each other throughout the whole semester, even during all of these lunches.

Here's what I knew about him: he was nice and friendly, he had a girlfriend that he'd been with for nearly 6 years or so, he had been on the same mission trip that I had (to Romania), but not during the same years that I went. That's it. That's all I knew about him... well, and that he was obviously good-looking. :)

So here we were, just the two of us, awkwardly trying to decide if we should still eat together or not, just the two of us... so awkward. Finally, we decided to go ahead and eat together. It so happened that that day was the day of the International Square Fair at our school. Our school had people from all different countries come out and show off their culture. There was music, dancing, food, and all kinds of activity. We decided to go ahead and eat outside and enjoy the music and the weather. So we did.

We went over and got our food. They had a nacho bar, which is so cliche, but whatever. I love nachos, so I loaded up. I got chips, beef, chicken, blackbeans, shredded cheese, nacho cheese, onions, pico de gallo-- really everything on the bar. I love love love nachos. We got our plates, and we sat down under a tree off to the side to eat and listen to the music. It was nice. We talked for a bit, discussed our love of TJ Maxx (I brought up awkwardly that I liked his shirt-- he said it was new-- I asked him where he got it...small talk). I found out that he did not have a girlfriend. Him and the girl he had been dating for a while broke up. Everything was going...ok. I enjoyed his company, but it was still like talking to someone you just met.

The Incident.

We had been sitting in that spot for about 5 minutes, chatting and hoping things would get more comfortable, when all of the sudden, this HUGE gust of wind, picked up my plate off of my hand and blew it straight onto shirt (his brand new shirt), and slid alllllll the way down his shirt, onto his shorts. I had never been so embarrased in my whole life. I yelled, "I'M SO SO SORRY!!" He was laughing, but shocked, and here I was, and he was, trying to wipe off cheese, beans, sour cream, salsa, beef, etc. off of his new clothing. Oh, it was bad. It went from his beard to his flip flops. It was terrible.

He forgave me and said to me that he'd get over it if I went and played basketball with him that afternoon. I told him that I couldn't because I had a class. He told me to skip it. Bad influence. So I ended up going to play basketball with him. He won... by a lot. After the game we laughed and laughed about how he just saw two of our old, old, old professors, butt naked in the locker room, just chatting away like it was nothing. Ew...

As we were leaving, and I was headed back to my dorm room, and he was headed to meet his brand new nephew that was born that day, he said, "Well, you know you have to go with me to buy a new shirt, right?"  I knew that it was his way of asking me out on a date, and I was very apprehensive. I told him that he was "real smooth" and that I was probably girl number 736 that he had lined up for the week, but I went ahead and said yes, and we made a plan for after he got off of work.Technically, he hadn't said that it was a date, so I even thought about inviting my friend to go along with me. Ultimately, I decided against it.

So, he shows up, in his 2 door white blazer at around 7 to pick me up. I open the door and there is a sign taped to the dash, in front of the passager seat that said, "Now Serving #736". I died laughing, and from then on, I knew that I was going to have a great time. I was at ease, and it seemed like he was too.

The night was great. We went to TJ Maxx, he bought a new shirt, then we went to Wendy's and bought Chili, which we brought back to the Parthenon replica in Nashville. We sat, ate, and talked for the longest time. It was really great. He and I seemed to click on every level.

Every day, since that day, until now, we have been inseparable. 7 years ago I went on an initally awkward first date with the man who would be my husband and the father of my two children. Loving him has been easy. He makes me happier than I ever thought I deserved to be, and he makes me understand that I do deserve to be this happy. He is an incredible husband, an even more amazing father, and an all-around good person. I am so in love with him, and I am so, so thankful that God caused "The Incident." for us.

I constantly think about the what-ifs:

  • What if... I didn't go to class that day?
  • What if... everyone else, or anyone else, had shown up that day?
  • What if... the International Square Fair was on another day?
  • What if... it wasn't windy outside?
  • What if.... I didn't get into that class?
  • What if.... I didn't check again to see if there was a better class for my schedule?
  • What if.... I didn't agree to go on a date with him that night?
  • What if....?
Fortunately, God's amazing plan worked out that day. So many things came together to cause us to come together. 10 months later, he proposed to me in the same spot where we sat and ate that Wendy's chili at the Parthenon. 8 months after that, we were married in a wonderful ceremony, surrounded by friends and family. Almost two years later, we welcomed our blessing of a daughter, Norah, and more than 7 years later, we will welcome our precious little son.

It is this story that allows me to have concrete proof that God is constantly active in my life. I am so in love with my husband. :)

I'm reopening my Etsy shop.

I wanted to make some pacifier clips for our baby boy, so I decided to try my hand at it. I ended up really enjoying making them, so I made a few...ok, 7.... last night. When I showed them to my sister and to my husband, both said that I should sell them. Because of this coercing, I decided to reopen my Etsy shop: Norah and Ollie.

So, here's the link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/NorahandOllie

I am going to make some more clips and also add some quilted bibs, changing pad covers, and possibly some onesies to my shop in the coming days. I would love to have a reason to keep making stuff-- especially girl stuff. :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

32 Weeks!

Sooo.... I'm 32 weeks pregnant now. Doesn't that make me 8 months?? Wow. I had my 32 week appointment today, and it was actually a little eventful. I had an ultrasound this morning to check the fluid levels since I have a history of low fluid. The tech was awesome. She cracked me up the whole time.

We got some cool shots of the baby's face, and she even mentioned that she could see hair on the ultrasound! She confirmed that he was a boy, and that everything looked good. The fluid was low though, so that sucks. It was at a 9, which is the low end of normal. Norah's was at a 4 when she was induced, so I'm happy that it isn't that low. They are just going to monitor it now and I have to drink and drink and drink. Otherwise, he looks great!

I gained 2lbs, which was not my favorite thing to hear since I gained that in two weeks. Oh well. That puts me up 7lbs total, which could be worse. BP was great, no protein or anything bad in my urine, so all in all, pretty good. I go back in two weeks. :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Baby Shower #1

Today was my Family and Friends baby shower! It was so much fun, and the theme was great! Our son's initials will be MLB... like Major League Baseball... that was intentional since my husband LOVES baseball. So my sisters-in-law threw us a baseball-themed shower. It was so great!

Here are some pictures to remember the day...

First, my beautiful beauty this morning. 
I can never quite wrap my head around how beautiful she is. 

Some of the gifts on the gift table. 

There were little baseball trinkets everywhere. 

Chips for nachos! 

Cracker Jacks! 

Hot dogs and sunflower seeds! I love all of the food! 

Ice cream bar!!!! (With mini-baseball helmets to hold the icecream!)

My niece on the left, and my sweet girl on the right. Love them. :)

Terrible picture, but the punch (which I love!), and baseball rubber duckies! 

The shower was so fun. It was laid back, there were no games, and it didn't feel awkward at all. :)  It was a small-affair spent with just a few close friends and family. My mom even surprised me by flying up for it!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

So much to do!

Life has been busy lately. The days have been flying by so quickly, which is making me very nervous about how little time I have left of this pregnancy. While I am SO excited to meet this little baby boy, son of mine, I need more time! I have to get the nursery completed, Daniel has to put a bunch of the baby stuff together (like the swing), I have to get some small projects around the house completed, I have to get all of this stuff at school done and ready, and I have to make sure I am ready for the beginning of the year next year. Whew!

I still haven't decided whether or not I am going to take the first few weeks off of school next school year. I want to so badly, but it all depends on if I am paid my STD or not. If I am, I can take off the time. If I'm not, I'll have to take off some time that will be unpaid... not good.

My first baby shower is on Saturday of this week. My sisters-in-law are throwing me a shower at our house (which means that I have a lot of clean up to do to get ready!), and I am excited about it. I am really hoping that people show up to it. I always have this fear that no one is going to show up. I am my 2nd shower the following weekend. It is our church shower. I am not convinced that there will be much action at that one, only because there is such a small number of people who go to that church, and it is on a Saturday, and it is a joint shower for me and for a woman who is having twins. That is a lot of expectations for the attendees, so I don't know if many will be willing to participate.

In other baby news, I have an ultrasound on Monday of next week. It is my 32 week appointment (where I will actually be 32 weeks). I get an u/s first to check the baby's fluid levels (since Norah's was SO low), and I will have my regular appointment with another doctor in the practice immediately following the appointment. I am hoping that all is well on the inside. I really, really, really want/need to go to my due date.

I am starting to have trouble sleeping. Last night may as well have just been called a 2-3 hour nap. I was so tired, but I couldn't fall asleep. When I did finally fall asleep, I was woken up by horrible dreams that seemed to cover every realm- anxiety, terror, grotesque things, awkwardness, fear, ghosts, supernatural things, etc. I was terrified when I woke up. I had the most difficult time getting to sleep because of how uncomfortable I was, and the terrible dreams just made it so much worse.

That's all for now, I suppose. I love that I finally got some time to blog an actual post. I have a student teacher right now, which is awesome. She is teaching my class for 1/2 of the day right now, so it gives me time to actually get some things done. My grading is all caught up and completed, my papers are all sorted and put away, things are organized, and YES, I am still giving her pointers, observing her lessons, making suggestions, helping manage the class, etc... I am just multi-tasking! :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

31 Weeks!

31 Weeks...wow. That means that I have 9 weeks or less left of this pregnancy. Wow. On the way home from school today, I decided to write about the question that everyone is asking me lately: How are you feeling?

I am feeling good. Well, as good as I can for being nearly 8 months pregnant!

I am feeling quite big. During the day I catch myself waddling a bit, which is awful. I try to be cautious of my steps now so people won't make fun of me. :)

I am hungry a lot. I am trying not to gain too much weight, so I'm not eating every single thing in sight, but I probably could.

I get winded SO easily. The stairs at my school are trying to kill me-- I know they are!

I feel like the baby is so high sometimes, then others, so so low. He can get quite uncomfortable.

I have a lot of trouble getting into a comfortable sleeping position. I have a lot of pillows in between my legs and such, and usually I dont have too much trouble staying asleep. Last night I did, though, which didn't make for a great Monday wake up.

Other than a few complaints, I am really feeling good. I haven't had much heartburn at all. With Norah I had a TON, but not so much with the boy. Leads me to think that he will be bald. :)

At any rate, I am going to do my bet to enjoy the rest of this pregnancy. As far as I am concerned, I want this one to be our last one.

My first baby shower is this weekend. I am terrified no one is going to show up! I hope they do, but if they don't, more cake for me! :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

30 Weeks!

Worst belly picture ever, but at least it's something! I am getting way big. I went to my 30 week appt today, and I was measuring 2 weeks ahead. I have an ultrasound at my next appointment to check his fluid level, so we'll see if he is measuring two weeks ahead.

I gained a pound since the last appointment two weeks ago. I was relieved because the last appointment I had gained about 4 lbs in between appointments. So that puts me at a total of 5lbs gained, which is about where I was at this point in my pregnancy with Norah.

The appointment today was short and sweet. She checked my weight, urine, BP-- all fine and dandy. My OB checked the baby's heartbeat-- steady 129bpm, and she asked my usual questions. The only things I had to tell her were about the spotting I had today. She told me to just watch it and call if it continued. I also told her about this ridiculous rash that I got on my arm after visiting the aquarium in SC. She told me that it was not pregnancy-related, and it looked like contact dermatitis. That was it. Short and sweet. I won't see her at my next appointment. I'll see one of her other colleagues in the practice... that really means I'm getting towards the end.

In other news, we bought our Atlanta Braves tickets for Daniel's birthday! I am so excited! We are leaving Norah with my sister and going to Atlanta by ourselves. We are going to good food places, going to a Braves game, and hopefully going to have a ton of fun! I'll be 35 weeks pregnant, so hopefully everything will be ok! Atlanta is 4 hours drive away....