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I am a 29 year old teacher of fourth grade. My husband and I began TTC in March of 2008. We conceived our first month, but unfortunately it only ended in an early miscarriage. 8 months later we finally conceived again, and she was our take-home baby! Norah Jane was born on July 16, 2009. 7lbs 0oz 19" long and amazing. We recently had our sweet baby boy, Miles! He was born on June 12, 2013 at 3:37pm, weighing in at 8lbs 4oz, 20 inches long, and PERFECT! We are loving every minute of parenthood (even the frustrating minutes!). This blog is an attempt to chronicle the baby steps, foot steps, leaps, bounds, and milestones of this journey.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summertime fun!

Today I took Norah and Miles to the fountains. We go to the fountains on a regular basis in the summer. Well, "we" being me and Norah until Miles came along! I discovered these fountains last summer. They are awesome, free, and they always wear Norah out to the point where she actually takes a nap! I love going. I didn't get a picture of the actual fountains today though. I was too busy shielding Miles from being splashed by the 7 and 8 year olds that I swear were splashing us on purpose. Oh well. It was fun though! I actually breastfed in public, too! This is the 2nd time I have! The 1st was at the zoo, but I went to a secluded-ish area and fed with my cover. This time, I still used my cover (and probably always will), but I was out in the open. It went really well!

Here's Miles' reaction to the fountains. Lol... yawning and totally enthused.

I got some of the water and slicked back his hair. He looked like Jack Nicholson when I did. This is his hair as it started to dry. It was adorable.

Norah managed to find caterpillars in the water. Weird, but she loves bugs, so it was great!

She was very proud of herself for putting the caterpillars back in the flowers, too.

Just chillin' at the fountains!

Pool hair! :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2 Week Check-Up!

Miles had his first check-up today! He is BIG.

Here are his stats from the appointment:

Weight: 9lbs! (He gained 13oz in 9 days! He is a BIG boy!)-- 92nd percentile
Height: 21 1/4in-- 88th percentile
Head: 15-- 85th percentile

I cannot believe how big he is. When his doctor told me about his weight, she said, "Oh my goodness, he is healthy!" I asked her if it was ok that he gained so much weight in such a small amount of time. She said, "Oh! That's completely fine! You can't overfeed a breastfed baby!" She told me that I was doing a wonderful job, which made me feel good of course. :) It's no wonder that his newborn diapers aren't fitting anymore! We have like 4 left, and then we're moving to size 1s!

She checked him out all over. She said that his color was fantastic-- not a trace of jaundice left! She said that his circumcision was perfectly healed, that his umbilical cord/belly button looked great.  His eyes and ears looked great, his organs sounded wonderful, and he was all around perfect! He screamed his head off when she was checking him out though. NOT happy about being messed with! :) We go back at the 2 month appointment on August 12th.

I was so much better at the doctor this time around. I forgot to mention this in my post about that doctor's appointment, but postpartum, I had a serious case of baby blues. Fortunately I knew what was going on, and it only lasted a few days, but it was bad... It started when I was about 4 days postpartum, and lasted until about a week postpartum. Absolutely nothing was wrong. I was in a very good state of mind, I didn't feel overwhelmed, I didn't feel badly (well, except for the 'roids and the stitches.. and the nipple pain...), but I would cry at nothing. I would bust into tears for absolutely no reason, and it would last all day.

When I was at the pediatrician when he was 5 days old, I cried in the car on the way there, I cried while I was checking in, I cried while I was waiting for the nurse, I cried when the doctor left the room. I just cried and cried and cried. This time at the doctor, I didn't cry at all! Actually, I haven't cried for many many days now. My favorite time that I cried during my baby blues time was when we were in Publix. All four of us were doing our weekly shopping. I couldn't focus at all because I was crying so much. We had just been to Target too, and when the pharmacist told me that they didn't carry Sitz baths, I started sobbing into Daniel's shoulder. Enough for an employee to stop and see if I needed help or water, or anything. Anyway, in Publix I cried on many of the aisles, but when I got to the eggs, I started sobbing. No reason at all.. just looking at the eggs and crying. Daniel, who was used to the crying at this point, just wheeled the buggy over and said, "Yeah... eggs make me cry too..." Lol... it was just what I needed to get through the rest of the trip.

So that's about it for now. Things are going well. I put in for my short term disability, which will hopefully pay me about 60% of my pay for 6 weeks. I am really hoping it goes through without a hitch. I am worried because I looked it up online, and apparently this company denies claims like crazy. Of course I didn't see that until after I had been paying for it for over a year. It will really help if everything goes through. We'll see though. I won't see anything until 45 days after the birth I think. Who knows.

Oh, random good news. I am back into my pre-pregnancy clothes! I bought a new pair of shorts at Old Navy in my regular size because they were 50% off. I was too scared to try them on until yesterday, and sure enough, they fit! And they fit well too! So happy! I wish I had a scale to see if I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but we don't have one. Oh well. I will wait until my 6 week PP appointment.

Ok, now that's it! Here's my beautiful, handsome boy last night in his first astronaut suit. :) I just love him.

Monday, June 24, 2013

I have a boy.

Oh I am in love with this boy. Holy moly... he is incredible. So far, Miles is a perfectly happy baby. The only time he cries is when he is hungry (or gets scratched by my earring like I accidentally did this morning), or when he is being put into the car seat. He loathes the car seat as he is being put in it. He also screams like crazy when we change his diaper. Oh the humanity!

Since we've had him home, he has been sleeping a lot, which is great! The first week I'm not sure if he opened his eyes for more than 10 minutes while he was not eating...literally. Now that we are in his second week of life (he'll be 2 weeks on Wednesday!), he is awake for longer periods of time-- like 20min-1hour. I'm sure he'll have longer and longer stretches as time goes by, but for right now, we are just enjoying loving him. :)

He is such a good eater! Miles nurses sooooo much better than Norah did. So far he has not had a single bottle, and he's been gaining weight like crazy. In fact, we had to take him to the doctor when he was 5 days old because of what I thought was thrush in his mouth. He has these white patches on the roof of his mouth. The pediatrician said that it was not thrush-- that it was something I can't remember. She said that they do nothing and they will go away on their own. ::WHEW!:: I was terrified of it being thrush. Thrush was the reason I stopped breastfeeding Norah at 6 months. It was one of the most painful things I'd ever gone through. At the pediatrician's office, we learned that he was 8lbs 3oz. So at 5 days old, he was an ounce away from being back to his birth weight! Wahoo!

Anyway, Miles nurses about every 2 1/2-4 hours. It just depends on the day. It is working really well at night. He'll nurse right before I go to bed, then be up three hours later, almost on the dot, then go right back to sleep and wake back up in three hours. I get these solid blocks of sleep, which is so great. Daniel isn't really disturbed at all. He is insanely helpful, and a wonderful father to both of them, but he can't do much in the feeding department. :) He picks up the slack everywhere else though. He takes care of me all of the time, he plays with Norah even when he is exhausted after work, and he changes diapers whenever he has the opportunity. I love love love my husband. :)

Speaking of diapers-- this is where I got the title of my post. I have a boy. A weiner-having, peeing everywhere, B-O-Y. Seriously, what is with the peeing?! The second I open that diaper, it's like a fire hose spraying everywhere. He's peed on me, on himself, on the changing table, on brand new diapers, on the couch, on the ottoman...everywhere. I try and keep it covered, but I need to get all up in the folds to clean him up during a diaper change! I'm sure I'll get better at it, but as of right now, I'm battling the pee, and washing a lot of things!

Norah has been wonderful with him. She's very gentle with him, and wants to hold him constantly. She helps me out with him, and she always wants to make sure that he's comfortable. It's precious. When he is crying in the car, she says, "It's ok, Baby Miles, it's ok. We're almost there, don't worry. It's ok..." Very sweet. :) Whenever he's getting a diaper change and crying she always tells me, "Mama, tell him, 'it's ok.' And tell him, 'Your sister was right.'" I don't know where the sister thing came from, but she wants me to say it, so I do. 

She's been a little more attitudey to us lately-- stomping, crossing her arms, saying "No!", telling us that we're "not nice" or "being mean to me!", but we're all adjusting. I know that she's going through a big adjustment right now, but I also make it a point to let her know that the way she is talking to us is unacceptable. She's gotten SO much better these last few days-- hoping it stays!

Miles loves the K'Tan carrier that I have, and I love it too. I am so glad I have the two carriers-- the K'Tan for while he is a newby, and the ERGO for when he reaches 4 months old. This picture is from when I took him to the zoo for the first time. He slept almost the entire time, but that's because he was a week old. I had to get out of the house-- Norah needed to as well, so we went, and it was great. 

Norah being silly here. That's her explorer hat, her magnifying glass, and Miles' pacifier. Although, Miles hates pacifiers. He will only take one every now and again, and he absolutely refuses the NUK brand that I used with Norah. He will only take a soothie, and that's only every once and a while.

This face... :)

This one and the next two are from today. He is one week and 5 days old. He's amazing, and I can't wait to see him grow!! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Miles' Birth Story

Ok, I'm going to try and write this birth story now before I forget everything. It is going to be super long because this is [hopefully] my LAST pregnancy/birth/child, and I really don't want to lose the details.

On Tuesday, June 11th, I had my regular 40 week OB appointment. I told her that I'd like to give him one more week to come out on his own, and she agreed pending a perfect ultrasound. It was perfect, so we scheduled the induction for Monday, June 17th. I was really hoping I wouldn't make it that far, but I was excited that there was an end in sight. She stripped my membranes (which she had done the appointment before, and it resulted in nothing), and I was sent on my way.

Tuesday after my appointment I went to the YES center to pick up Norah. I asked Daniel to take her with him to work so that I could focus at my appointment. I had a feeling I'd be getting an ultrasound, and that would have been difficult to keep Norah in check while getting an ultrasound done. While I was at YES, one of the boys said, "So, are we coming to ya'lls house to watch the game tonight?" (referring to game 2 of the NBA Finals). Daniel looked at me and said, "Ask her. She's the baby mama." I told them that I was totally ok with that, and that I hoped having 8 teenage boys over would put me into labor. :) So they came over that night. I made a fabulous coconut cake and chocolate cake. We all ate burgers on the grill, I cleaned up the kitchen right before bed, and I went to bed around 10:30.

I had been having a really hard time sleeping lately, so when I woke up around 4 with menstrual like cramping, I didn't think anything of it. Well, between 4 and 6 I had a really difficult time getting any sleep. The cramping was bad, but it was just cramping. It was very uncomfortable. At 6:07 I was awoken with my first real contraction. I remember thinking, "holy crap-- so that's what a contraction feels like..." I went ahead and passed it off as a fluke and decided to try and go back to sleep. About 6 minutes later (estimating), I felt another one. I  put it into my contraction tracker on my iphone and tried to fall back asleep. I was very surprised when another one came at almost exactly 5 minutes later. I got up to pee, and then laid back down, starting to get a bit excited. Well, the next one didn't occur until 11 minutes later, so I was really down about that. I thought for sure that I was having false labor. So I decided to go back to sleep.

Sleeping was impossible. I ended up having a few more very irregular contractions, so I got up and took a shower just in case. At this point Daniel and Norah were still asleep. It was a little after 7am, and I didn't see the point in waking them just yet. While I was in the shower, I had three contractions no more than 5 minutes apart. They were the kind where I had to stop what I was doing, grab the shower bar, and breathe through it as best I could. On the third one I figured that it was time to tell Daniel that we at least needed to go get checked out.

So I get out of the shower, open the door to our bedroom and say, "Hey Baby? Baby?" He looks up really fast and says, "What's up?" I said, "I'm pretty sure I'm in labor." He said, "Really? Are you sure? What do we need to do?" I told him that I was going to call Jamie so that she could come watch Norah for us, and that I was going to wait to call my parents just to make sure that I was really in labor before they started the 9 hour drive to come see us. He got up, got things ready. I got dressed, did my hair and makeup (if there were going to be pictures, I didn't want to look awful!), and packed the last few things in my hospital bag. I had several contractions during these activities. They were not fun to try and talk through or do any sort of action through.

Jamie got there around 8:30, and we left the house around 9:05. I had a major contraction right before getting into the car, so I was sure this was it. Of course we got stuck in traffic, and I was terrified that I was going to have contractions on top of each other in traffic, but that didn't happen. Traffic lasted a little bit, and wasn't too bad. I got really nervous as we pulled into the hospital because I had ZERO contractions during the entire ride to the hospital. Not one in the 30 minutes it took us to get there... I was really worried they were going to send us home because I was in false labor.

Me arriving into the observation room at the hospital
BUT! As soon as I got out of the truck I had a major contraction. As I was walking into the hospital I had another one. As I was getting checked in by the nice lady behind the desk, I had five. The lady said to me, "So when did these start?" I told her that they started at 6:00 this morning. She said, "Well honey! You waited til the last minute now didn't you!" Then she got me a wheel chair and took me to an observation room.

So I get put into this observation room just to make sure that I really need to be admitted. The nurse checked me and I was at 4cm, which was 1cm more than I had been the day before. She did tell me I was 100% effaced, which was 70% the day before-- so definite progress! So Daniel and I hung out in there while they monitored the baby's heartrate and the contractions. A short while later, the nurse came back in and said that they were admitting me. She got a bunch of info from me, which was reeeeally hard to answer during contractions, which were now about 2 minutes apart.

So I got put into a labor and delivery room a short while later. The nurse came in and introduced herself and some other nurse that followed her throughout the day. She was very relaxed about everything and she was very mellow. They went ahead and put in my IV, which was awful. The nurse who was following here was the one who did the first try. She put it in my hand and shifted it like 1000 times. It hurt like a B... then she blew the vein. So it had to be done again. She let the regular nurse do it the second time. This one went in fine, but it hurt sooo much because it was on the wrist bone. Ouch! Then, for some reason, they couldn't get blood to come out of it, so they had to do my bloodwork through my veins on the other arm. Poked so many times!

Now, at this point I hadn't been checked in about an hour and a half. The nurses were busy setting everything up with the IV, my blood pressure, the heartrate and contraction monitors, etc. The contractions were super super strong, but Daniel got me through them. I was curious if I had made any progress, and I also wanted the stinking epidural, so I was willing the nurses to hurry the crap up.

Finally, around 11:30, they checked me again. I was 7cm! No wonder I had been in so much pain! I had gone 3cm in a little over an hour with no epidural! When she checked me, she was surprised. She said, "Oh! We've got to get your bloodwork so we can get you that epidural! You're going to go FAST!"

So they get the bloodwork back and it was fine, so they called for the epi. The anesthesiologist apparently was doing another epi at the time, because the nurse randomly checked me again (it was around 12:45ish at this time), and I was 8 1/2cm! She said to the other nurse, "Go get the anesthesiologist nurse, she's going to have to do her epi or she won't be able to get one." That statement almost made me go pale-- I did NOT want to do this with no epi! I was in so much pain, and I knew that it would only get worse.

The anesthesiologist's nurse came in, told me all of the side effects, and talked really really fast while she prepped everything. I honestly didn't care. I just wanted pain relief. The contractions were about a minute apart at the time, and they were hard to get through. Again though, Daniel got me through them.. seriously, I don't know what I would have done without him. They attempted to place the epidural, which was insanely painful this time around, and right before it was completely in, she said, "oh.. I cannot get past this thick bone of yours!" So then she had to take it out and redo it a few vertebrate higher...ooohh, that was no fun either.

About 15 minutes after she placed the epi, I asked the nurse when it was going to take effect. She said, "Well, you should start feeling warmth in your legs in a few minutes." Well, a few minutes later, I did feel warmth in my legs, so I assumed the epi was doing it's job. For 20 blissful minutes, I felt no pain. :)
During my 20 minutes of no pain...

And then that bliss ended.

I kept feeling a LOT of pressure in my butt.. like, a TON. I told the nurse about it, she checked me and I was still 8 1/2cm. (Epi had slowed down labor a bit). The pressure turned from just pressure to real contraction pain. I truly felt every contraction. It was awful. Then the nurse said, "Well, why don't we try to get you to push so we can see how you do and what the baby does." So with the next few contractions I pushed, and it hurt. A lot. She said, "Oh, yeah! You are stretching to a 10 with each push! We can call Dr. Blake back and tell her we're having a baby!"

So they call Dr. Blake. Now, Dr. Blake had been in there already. The nurse told her that I was 9cm and ready to go about an hour prior to this. She came in and checked and was irritated with the nurse when she discovered that I was 8 1/2 and not ready to go. She had a scheduled c-section at 2pm, so when the nurse called her back at 2:15, she was rather irritated with the nurse again. I did NOT understand why she wanted to "push through" at 8 1/2cm, but I trusted her expertise. Dr. Blake came in in her OR scrubs and expected the baby to be practically hanging out-- which he wasn't. So she told the nurse in a very nice way that I was not ready yet, and that she needed to go do her c-section.

I was so relived. I didn't want to push for three hours.

The pressure-pain was getting worse and worse and closer and closer together. I asked the nurse if I could have anything for the pain. She called in the anethesiologist nurse. She said to me, "Can you feel your legs? What is the highest you can raise your leg?" I kicked my leg high in the air. She said, "OH! Um, yeah, you're doing high kicks. Let me see if I can get you something else. That epidural is obviously not working." I was happy  I was going to get relief, but after they checked me again, they told me that it was too late to fix my epidural, which was not what I wanted to hear.

 Around 3:10 they checked me-- I was complete and ready to push. They had me do a few practice pushes on the contractions, and I did. Apparently something was actually happening because they broke down the bed, and I was told to continue trying to push on each contraction. I told them that the monitors were making me extra uncomfortable, so they said, "Well, you are feeling these contractions anyway, so you don't need that monitor on!" Then they took it off.

I felt very nauseated and had Daniel keep a bucket by me at all times. I never actually threw up though, which I did do during Norah's delivery. Dr. Blake arrived again, and told me I was ready. She told me to push on the next contraction, which I did-- and it worked. I pushed and pushed with each contraction. Daniel was amazing coaching me through the pain and the pushing. Around 3:33, Dr. Blake said, "Jennifer, we need to get this baby out. His heartrate just dropped to 60bpm (from 140), which means that the cord is probably around his neck. I need you to push with all your might. So on the next contraction, that's what I did. I pushed with everything I had. I was screaming my head off from the pain. They all said, "I see the head! there it is! Come on, you can do it!" They brought the mirror over, and that was all the motivation I needed. I saw that head full of hair, and I just had to push him out.

His head came out, and Dr. Blake told me to stop pushing. It was crazy hard to stop pushing. She undid the cord that was wrapped tightly around his little neck, and she said, "Ok, now one more push!" I did one more great big push, and he was out. Instantly the pain went away. Instantly I felt relief, and instantly I was in love with this tiny little boy.

First time holding my son
Miles Lincoln Burnell was born at 3:37pm on June 12th, 2013, weighing 8lbs 4oz, and 20 inches long. He came into the world SCREAMING his head off, and peeing on everyone! They put him on my chest immediately--I was so in love. :) Daniel was beside himself with love too. They let me hold Miles for a long while, but Daniel took him for a few minutes so I could deliver the placenta.. another thing I felt that was not fun. Then Dr. Blake had to stitch me up. I had a small tear-- same one from Norah's birth, just a little bigger. Thankfully she gave me a shot of numbing stuff first, because I could seriously feel everything.

After the stitch-up, Daniel gave him to me again, and it was just magical. He was finally here, and he was ours. He looked EXACTLY like Norah did the day that she was born. In fact, they looked so much alike, I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn't Norah. :) He had so much hair. More hair than Norah did, but only a little bit more. He was big! I remember thinking, "holy cow! That just came out of me!?" He looked at us with those big blue eyes and we melted. He was so perfect--- so, so, so handsome. I couldn't believe that we had had two beautiful newborn babies.

He's completely in love.
Big boy!
We hung out in there for about an hour. They let me have him the whole time, which was different than with Norah. With her, they took her after about 15 minutes and bathed her, gave her shots, put the eye gunk in, etc. With Miles, they didn't bathe him until we wanted them to. He ended up getting his first bath at almost 1am. We attempted breastfeeding immediately-- he took to it like he'd been doing it for years. He was a pro (and one week later, he still is!).

Some time later, we texted my sister and had her bring Norah up to the hospital to meet her brother. Jamie said that when she got the picture that he was here, she was on the playground with Norah. She showed it to her and said, "Norah, look!! Your brother is here!!" She said that Norah's face lit up and she was so happy. She said, "Can we go see him?!" Jamie said yes, and Norah replied, "ok! Yay! But Jamie, can I play for 5 more minutes?" :)

Beautiful baby boy 

So Norah and Jamie came up to the hospital while we were still in recovery. Norah's face was a face of pure joy. She was so excited to see him. She wanted to hold him immediately, so we let her. She was so gentle and sweet with him. It was precious. I got a little sniffly because I couldn't believe that my whole family was finally together. That little person that I just knew was missing in our life... the one I wrote about here: In this blog post , he was here. Our family is complete. :)

The visit with Norah was wonderful. I missed her terribly since I had been in the hospital. We had spent every single day, all day, of my summer vacation together, so not seeing here for a day was difficult. Having all of us there was perfect. :)

...and then things went bad.

Loves being a big sister!
Aunt Jamie and her nephew
Norah was getting a little restless once we got to the recovery room. We had an awesome recovery room, actually. It was the furthest away from anything, and it was in he corner, so it was bigger than the other rooms. We had a lot of space, which was very nice. At one point I got up to go to the restroom. As soon as I got up, I knew something was wrong. When I stood up, I felt a plop/gush in my undies. I went to the bathroom, and I saw a blood clot at LEAST the size of my hand. I went ahead and used the restroom and another one, at least the size of my hand came out. The nurses had told me to alert them if I had any clots bigger than a golf ball. These were like 8-10 golfballs. I yelled for my H to call the nurse. Then I started getting sick. I grabbed the trashcan and began throwing up like crazy... over and over. I kept passing more clots, and I was sweating from head to toe. Daniel came in to help me after he called the nurse. He told Jamie and Norah that they needed to leave-- we didn't want her to see me like that. The nurse came in and had to help me off of the floor. I couldn't walk. I could barely move. All of this happened in a 10 minute span.

The nurse called in the charge nurse after she got me back on the bed. There were three nurses in the room, and they all hovered around me trying to figure out what was up while Daniel was helpless, holding our baby boy. I could see the terror on his face. They pushed on my uterus and out gushed a TON more blood and clots. They kept pushing, and I kept losing more blood. It was awful. I felt like I was dying. I was terrified. They seemed to get everything under control, and they told me to call them immediately if I had anymore clots, but that they thought they were all gone.

Only 30 minutes later, I sat up after nursing Miles and I felt faint immediately. I said, "Daniel.. take him!" I almost dropped him from being faint. I stood up to go to the bathroom, and another huge clot, bigger than the last ones, appeared. And more when I went to the restroom. I pulled the string for the nurse to come, and it didn't work. So I yelled for Daniel again to call the nurse. They came rushing in again, and the whole process repeated itself. Vomiting, blood everywhere, sweat-- it was horrible. And again, all Daniel could do was watch-- watch and hope that they could fix me. He told me later that he was more scared than he has ever been in his life.

They controlled it again, and this time they decided to give me a suppository of Cytotec to try and get my uterus to get all of the clots out. I agreed, and they inserted it. I was just happy they were being proactive and that I was going to get some help. About 15 minutes later I started shaking. I was so cold. So unbearably cold. I covered up with everything I had, but I was still shaking. Daniel got me my jacket, and I was freezing. I was shaking so hard. My whole body was shaking. I couldn't control anything. I felt like someone had put ice water into my veins. The nurse just happened to come in right around that time. She saw me shaking and her eyes got wide. I was shaking so hard that I was coming off of the bed. It was a terrible feeling. She got me extra blankets, then called the charge nurse back in.

They pushed on my uterus again-- more clots. Huge amounts of blood coming out. I was still shaking, and even with 8 blankets on top of me, I felt like they were wrapping me in ice packs. The charge nurse decided that I must be having a reaction to the Cytotec (which I don't think I was, because I had had Cytotec before, and didn't have this reaction). She told me that it would calm down. They got me warm blankets from the nursery and covered me from head to toe in them. They took my temp and my blood pressure-- both a little off. After about another hour of continuous, body rattling shaking, my body calmed a bit. I had to keep the blankets on for another 3 hours before I felt like I could take one off without freezing to death.

Throughout the night I passed a few more clots, and by morning they had subsided to smaller ones. They kept a very watchful eye on me, thankfully, and I was getting better. YAY! Around 11pm my parents finally arrived to meet the first boy that has been born into our family in three generations. My dad is giddy after having 2 sisters, 4 daughters, and 3 granddaughters with no boys... finally he has his boy. It's ridiculous. :) My SIL visited during the crazy times, so I didn't even get to see her.

The second day in the hospital was much less drama-filled. We had my family visit for a large part of the day. My other SIL came by and was completely head over heels for our handsome boy. The nurses kept a close eye on me, and overall, it was pretty calm. The hospital food was fantastic! I should mention that with both of my deliveries, I've wanted the exact same meal after labor-- a roast beef sandwich. That's exactly what I ordered. I craved/ate a TON of fruit while I was in the hospital too. One sweet thing that happened was that after I had Miles, and I was allowed to eat, I ordered the roast beef sandwich, a fruit cup, and sweet tea. I was eating the fruit cup when the nursery nurse came in to check on Miles. She said, "Oh, cantaloupe! Yum!" I told her that I had been craving cantaloupe since I went into labor. She said, "Well, I brought two cantaloupes from home today, and they are delicious! Do you want some?" I said, "YES! Thank you!" She brought me some, and oh.my.goodness... best cantaloupe I've ever had. It was so nice of her to do that.

At one point on the second day, Daniel said, "I have something for you." I wasn't expecting anything, so I was very curious about what it was. He said, "First let me say something." He got down beside me and told me that he has always been ashamed of his last name. (His biological father was a drunk, deadbeat, wife-beater that left when Daniel was 5). He went onto say that now that he married me, and we had Norah and now Miles, he isn't ashamed of his last name anymore. he is proud to start a new legacy for it, and it's all because of us. I was crying of course-- it was the sweetest thing he could say. Then he gave me this beautiful locket. It's from the 1920's. He said that he knew I would appreciate it because it came from a time where silver didn't typically survive because of the wars-- that it had been through a lot, just like he had, but it had come out on the other side. I absolutely love it, and I will cherish it forever. It is so special to me.

Recovery has been challenging. I developed a few very painful 'roids during the pushing part of labor, and 8 days later, they are still there, and only slightly less painful. I have had LOTS of bleeding, and the pain from the stitches and overall trauma to that whole area has been difficult to recover from. The cramping of my uterus every time I nursed was really bad too. It made me second guess breastfeeding for a minute, but I know it's what's best for my sweet boy, so I am still exclusively breast feeding.

Now that I've finished this birth story 8 days later and several sessions of writing, I am so glad that I wrote it all out. It was an incredible day, full of so many emotions. My family is now complete, and Miles is worth every second of it all.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Introducing Miles Lincoln Burnell.

I'll write the crazy birth story later.

He is so perfect. Born on June 12th at 3:37pm.

8lbs 4oz, 20inches long, full head of hair! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In labor!! Wahoo!!

Here's what I wrote during labor to keep me remembering. I'll write the birth story later:

4:00am uncomfortable sleep
6:07 first for real contraction
9:10 left the house
Checked in at a 4/100effaced
Next check @ 11:30= 7cm
Next check @ 1pm= almost 8 1/2cm
Epidural at 1:00 slowed labor down a bit
Slowed on purpose due to OB having a c-section to do at 2pm

1:47 and no pitocin! No catheter! Waiting on next check. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

40 Week Appointment Update and Eviction Notice Served!

Two terrible pictures, but this is the best I could get today. :) 40w1d in all it's glory!

So I had my appointment this morning. The first thing my OB said when she walked in was "We've got to get this baby OUT!" She said that she was shocked that I made it to my due date, and I told her that I very much was too. She said, "So what's your plan?" I told her that I'd like to make sure the baby is doing well, and if so, I'd like to wait until Monday at the very latest to be induced. She said, "Well, I'm going to send you for an ultrasound, and if everything is perfect, then I'll let you wait until Monday. If not, we're inducing tomorrow." I agreed, and off to the ultrasound I went.

Fortunately, he did perfectly during is NST/BPP. He scored an 8 out of 8. :) So, she swept my membranes (again!), told me that I am a solid 3cm and 70% effaced, and that she hopes to see me before Monday. I hope so too! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Due date--40 weeks!

40 Weeks pregnant. From the time I saw those two lines... in THIS post, I was looking forward to this day. I just knew I'd have my sweet baby in my arms by now. I'm not a complete idiot, I know that due dates are estimated, but with Norah being 3 weeks early and my niece being 3 weeks early, I just really never thought I'd go to my due date. But alas, here I am, with zero signs of labor. Sigh...

I'm trying so hard not to be discouraged, but I am. I read every day about people going into labor early and having their babies between 39 and 40 weeks. I wonder, why isn't that me?! But then I read about lots of people who go past 41 weeks and are miserable. :( 

Our plan for right now is this: my appointment is tomorrow. My doctor has already said that I can schedule an induction for anytime. I want to avoid induction if at all possible, but I cannot afford to go past 41 weeks, financially and due to the low fluid issue. So, I'm going to tell my OB to induce on Monday, June 17th. That way it gives the baby at least another week to come out. 

I'm so uncomfortable though... please come out soon, baby Miles. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

This belly is just getting ridiculous.

Do you see this?! 39w4d, and this is how I look most of the time. My shirt is either coming up, or it's up altogether. It's ridiculous.

No signs of labor... just lots of cramping, lost my plug AGAIN (why do these things regenerate?!), been sleeping very uncomfortably, and overall just can't wait to get this show on the road already. I am very anxious to meet my itty bitty son.

I am going to have to schedule an induction at my appointment on Tuesday. I think I am going to schedule it for Thursday so that my OB can deliver. She is on call this weekend, and won't be next weekend. She calms me like crazy, so I'd love it if she were there.

In the waiting meantime, I have been cleaning like crazy and finishing up little projects. I have finished all of the pieces of the hot air balloon mobile that I'm making the baby. I used this awesome tutorial to do it. Daniel made the wooden apparatus that it all hangs from last night, and I spray painted it this morning. I've got to put a second coat on it, and then string it all together and then I'm done. I love how it's turned out. It is going to go over the changing table, and that will make the nursery 100% done. I really, really, really love his nursery. It is the most calming room. :)

Norah and I have been spending a lot of time together lately, too. We've been going to the fountains here in Nashville, we've been going to the zoo a LOT, we've been playing at home...it's been great. I've also been sewing a little bit. I got a few more orders for my Etsy shop Norah&Ollie, so I've filled those, then I made a few more clips for the baby boy. I think today I'll find something else to sew. I need another project to keep my mind off of waiting as much as I can.

That's about it for now. I'll update again either with another belly shot (I hope not!) or with a birth announcement (I hope so!).

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

39 Week Appointment Update


No. Progress.


Last week I was 2 1/2cm dilated. This week I am 2 1/2cm dilated.


I know that dilation prior to labor doesn't really mean too much, but I was hoping that with all the insanely painful cramping I've had for the last few days, that'd I'd be at least a little more dilated. But alas, nothing.

I even lost half a pound since my last appointment. Which is good since I gained 3 lbs between appointments last time.

My OB is wonderful though. She was very encouraging, and she asked me if I wanted her to strip my membranes-- I said yes. OUCH OUCH OUCH! Who knows if it will help. Google says 50% yes, 50% no. We'll see within 24 hours.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lumps and bumps.

Yesterday was so much fun and productive! Since it was Saturday, we went yard-sailing. We ended up getting a few really great things. The first thing that we bought was this travel-sized DoodlePro for 75 cents. Norah then drew us a precious picture. Daniel on the left, me in the middle, and her on the end. There's a sun in the corner, too. I love love love when she draws us things. :)

This one I cannot get to turn, but she drew a pig, then sounded out the word pig and wrote it all by herself. :) I am so proud of my tiny. I love her so much.

We also ended up getting a lamp shade for her room, a Crane Pig-shaped humidifier thing (for $4!), and a ball that she really wanted. Nothing too awesome, but we had fun none-the-less. :)

The rest of the day was productive. We went to Home Depot where we did one of those Kid's Workshops with Norah. She built a napkin holder, and it was adorable. After that, we ended up getting the things that we came to Home Depot for...

Baby boy's closet shelves! This closet is reallllllly small-- that's the story for 1960s houses though. They didn't have as much crap as we do now. :) So I figured that I'd maximize the space by adding shelves. We did this to Norah's closet too in her room at our old house, and her room here, and we've never had a space issue for her stuff. I think these shelves, combined with his dresser, will be enough space. I forgot to take a before shot, so if you want to imagine what it looked like, picture this exact picture, minus the white shelves. :)

We'll have even more space when we {quickly} run through all of those new born and size one diapers that are on the top shelf! :)

So now for the lumps and bumps part of my post...
I was laying on the couch last night, and for some reason I rubbed the inside of my armpit. Not sure why I did that, but I did-- let's move on. When I did, I noticed that it was painful, so naturally I went back to try and figure out what was painful about it. I figured that there was an ingrown hair there or something, which was strange because I had never had an ingrown hair in my armpit. Anyway, I narrowed it down to one spot-- one lump. A lump, inside my skin, about the size of a penny. 


I was all of the sudden very worried, and immediately my mind went to the idea that I have stage 4 breast cancer and that I was going to die and leave my husband with two kids to raise all by himself. Not a very good thought, but that's where my mind went. :( 

I now know that it could be a bunch of different things: a clogged milk duct where my milk is trying to come in (had no idea that this could happen prior to having a baby), a swollen lymph node, a cyst that is benign, and a few others. My next OB appointment is on Tuesday, so I will point it out to her then. Hopefully she can give me a very clear answer to what it is. 

Now, moving onto more hopeful news: I'm 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Here's my bump picture from today. I am finding myself taking more bump pictures lately because I missed getting a final bump shot with Norah. We took one as we were about to leave for the hospital, but somehow it got deleted. So here's one from today. 38w6d pregnant. I can't wait for this to be over, but I really am trying to savor the last few moments of my last pregnancy. 

I swear I ook way bigger than this in person. I am HUGE in person. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wahoo! I am getting a June baby!

I posted a few posts ago that I as much as I wanted to get this baby out soon, I was also wanting to wait to have a June baby. I am very much wanting his birthday to be after the school year so that I don't have to plan a birthday party every year at the end of the school year while I'm still in school. Well, today is June 1st, so unless time can go backwards, I'm getting a June baby. :)

My hope is that he is born on Friday of this week or a few days later. Husband is going to be really busy at work this week, so it would be easier (ha!) if he'd wait a little bit. Although, I'm nearly at the point where I don't care too much about when he's born because I am getting so uncomfortable... I really really want him to wait at least three more days because I have developed a nice little itchy infection that I'd love to get rid of before he passes through there. It's no fun at all. I took one of the pills yesterday around 5pm, and I can take my next/last one in 2 days. I'd like to give that 2nd one 24 hours to work it's magic before he comes out. So seriously, Friday during the daytime would be GREAT! :) I am also taking a lot of probiotics, so maybe that will help.

We got all of the materials we need to build the shelves in his closet. Norah and husband are napping right now, so hopefully we can get that done tonight. His closet is the only thing I've been procrastinating on. I also finally went through two trash bags of clothes that my SIL gave  me for him (her son is 9 months old), and holy crap there's some amazing stuff in there! I organized it, and washed the newborn-3 month stuff and once it's dry, I'll organize his dresser. There were even two Swaddle Me blankets! I can't believe he's almost here! :) :) :)